– 12: The Right-Brain Business Plan with Jennifer Lee

This episode’s guest is Jennifer Lee. Jennifer is the founder of Artizen Coaching and the award-winning author of The Right-Brain Business Plan.
Her bestselling book has helped thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide grow their businesses authentically and creatively. She has more than 50 licensed facilitators who lead Right-Brain Business Plan® workshops nationally and internationally. She received her coaching certification and leadership training through the prestigious Coaches Training Institute and holds an M.A. in Communication Management from USC. Jennifer was a featured presenter at the 2013 Emerging Women Live Conference in Boulder, CO.
In this episode, Jennifer and I speak about:

The Right-Brain Business Plan: What it is and how it can help entrepreneurs create and realize their goals
The power of thinking creatively in the planning stages
The importance of community for the entrepreneur
Limiting Beliefs and how to work around them
The importance of self-compassion when going after big dreams

Tune in and listen to Right-Brain Business Planning with the Creative Business Leader: Jennifer Lee.

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Chantal Pierrat: Welcome, Jennifer. It’s great to have you today.

Jennifer Lee: Oh, I’m so excited to be here with you, Chantal. Thank you!

CP: Let’s dig in to the Right-Brain Business Plan. I’m actually feeling a little selfish having you all to myself since I’ve read your book and done the practices. So I’m just eager to jump into it. So why don’t you just start by telling us a little bit of the background of the concept of the Right-Brain Business Plan and then just let us know what you mean by that, too. How did you come to this? And what is the actual idea behind it?

JL: Sure. Well, the idea came to me very organically, given that it’s right-brained. [Laughs] So I was participating, back in November 2007, in this annual challenge called Art Everyday Month. It happens every November [and] it was my first time participating. And every day I would try some new art medium, like painting or drawing or collage. And toward the end of the month, we’re coming toward the end of the year and I thought, “Well, I probably should be thinking about my goals for the coming year. I need to do art anyway, so I why don’t I do a vision board, because I love doing that.”

So I love book arts and I have this blank accordion book that kind of folds out like this accordion. And I did a vision board of where I wanted my business to go in terms of products and services, marketing, stuff like that. And I posted it as part of a challenge and people were like, “That’s really cool!” And I just ended up calling it a Right-Brain Business Plan. I didn’t know what else to call it. It was my business plan but in a right-brained way. It became this touchstone for me for my business.

The following day I actually did a little bit more detail on the back of the Right-Brain Business Plan where I wrote out my specific financial goals. I wrote out descriptions of my products and services, marketing goals. I had a little calendar where I put some milestones, things that I wanted to reach throughout the next year. And that was really my roadmap for 2008 and part of 2009, and within a couple of years I had actually met all those goals that were on that plan.

I had no idea. I was just at my kitchen table, playing with my favorite art supplies. [Laughs] I had no idea it would turn into this thing. I feel like it’s something that lives outside of me. It’s kind of its own entity now, and it really is this visual, creative way to approach planning your business and crafting your goals for your business.

CP: What was your business? You said you were thinking about your business plan. Before it was this, what was it?

JL: I was coaching, so I was doing life coaching. I had quit my corporate job, I guess it was the year before, so 2006.