– 13: Marketing with Intention and Integrity with Christine Kane

This episode's guest is Christine Kane. Christine is known as the Mentor to People Who are Changing the World.
She is the president and founder of Uplevel You™, a million-dollar company committed to the growth and empowerment of entrepreneurs and creatives around the globe through teaching not only high-level cutting-edge authentic marketing and business strategies, but also transformational techniques to shift mindsets and wealth. After 15 years in a successful career as a popular songwriter and performer, Christine shifted her focus so that she could provide a deeper level of service to other creative entrepreneurs. Christine was a featured presenter at the 2013 Emerging Women Live Conference in Boulder, CO.
In this episode of Grace & Fire, Christine and I speak about:

Her transition from music to being a mentor/business coach
Treating Business like Art
The Power of Communicating “Your Story” and how to avoid traps when sharing it
Clean Selling and aligning with true intention while not letting assumptions rule
Imperfect action and the benefit of taking small steps

Tune in and listen to Marketing with Intention and Integrity with the Rock Star Business Woman: Christine Kane.

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Chantal Pierrat: Hello, Christine!

Christine Kane: Hey, how are you?

CP: Welcome!

CK: Well thanks for having me. [I’m] really excited.

CP: Yes, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since the event. It was so great to get to know you and to see the other side of Christine Kane, behind the curtain, which is actually the same as what I always imagined you to be.

CK: [Laughs] Well, thank you. It was just such a great event, and I’ve just been talking about it to everybody. It’s going to be huger next year than it was this year!

CP: Yes! I’m totally pumped for it. You know, what’s interesting is that when I first discovered you—and the reason I’m saying [this is to] see the truth of who you are—I discovered you through your music. And I was thinking, “Oh, she would be a great singer for Emerging Women.” And it took me a little while to realize, “No, this woman’s also a business mentor.”

So I would love to hear a little bit more about how that was a transition for you, because as far as I can see in your business, you’re very much like who I saw and got to know through the internet on your music. It’s not like you have two different personas, it’s the same. And those two categories—mentoring and business coaching and being basically, can we call you a rock ‘n’ roll star? Because I actually feel like you can fit into that category. The two seem to be mutually exclusive, so maybe you could start there and tell us about your background and how you came to where you are now.

CK: It’s funny you say that. For a while I said that, “Oh my God, it’s very different, I should hide the fact that I played music because that will make people question my ability as a business owner.” But any artist knows that in order to do what you want to do, especially now, you have to know that you have a business and you have to treat your art like a business.

I actually believe that business is an art. And when you look at some of what I learned in the world of songwriting, if I was to sit you down and really talk about it, it’s amazing how much it links in with a lot of the lessons I’ve had to learn with business. Now, with that said, it’s very different now that I’m running a company and we have a team, and I am stretching muscles that I never thought I would have to stretch. But I really do with that I had done more of this and really stretched this out a little bit more because I think I would have been able to do even more with my music at the time.

So how the transition happened, though, wasn’t so much that I was like, “I’m going to go in and be in business.” When I was performing, I was pretty clear early on [about] not just becoming a musician.