– 3: The Keys to Feminine Power with Claire Zammit

This episode’s guest is the powerhouse Claire Zammit.  Claire is the co-creator of the Feminine Power training courses for women and co-leads a thriving learning community of hundreds of thousands of women throughout the world.

In this episode, Claire Zammit and I speak about:

“Feminine Power”
Living our truth through relationship and our greater connection to the whole
The best way to empower other women
How spirituality will change with the rise of feminine power
The feminine as the “Great Integrator”
Her latest honor through Inc. Magazine and her company Evolving Wisdom


Claire Zammit was a featured presenter at the 2013 Emerging Women Live Conference, October 10th-13th in Boulder, CO.

Tune in to listen to my conversation “The Keys to Feminine Power” with Claire Zammit.
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Chantal Pierrat: Welcome, Claire!

Claire Zammit: Hi, Chantal. Great to be with you.

CP: I’m excited to be talking to you because I know that every time we get on the phone together, we end up talking about my favorite topic, which is feminine power.

CZ: Yes, absolutely.

CP: Well, maybe we should just jump in, and I know that’s the title of your upcoming book, and it’s the title of your work. I know you have a telecast and a workshop that does—I don’t know, how many thousands of people have listened to that workshop now?

CZ: We’ve been teaching a seven-week course on feminine power for the last four years, and we’ve had about seven thousand women participate in that, [and] hundreds of thousands more with our free events. It’s something that I’m really seeing as speaking to women’s experience at a very deep level. I think that’s what we connect with when we have our conversations. So I’m excited to be able to dive into it today, together.

CP: Well, why don’t we start by—it’s just interesting, “feminine” and “power.” They’re two very different energies, but together they totally make sense. And I’m just curious to see if you can start with defining what you mean by “feminine power.”

CZ: Well, I might just start, if I can, with a bit of a story that creates a little context for it. I think this exploration and discovery [really] came out of our own experience. My teaching partner Katherine Woodward Thomas and the women that we were serving in the community we had started in Los Angeles—we had a center for transformation, and we were coaching women and working with women.

And both of us were accomplished, successful women, as were the women we were serving. And we really noticed, in spite of having so much “power” in our lives, we both felt this very painful and confusing gap between the deeper potentials that we sensed for who we were as women, for the creative contribution, for the intimacy and connection of our relationships, and just for our overall experience of life. We couldn’t quite put our finger on what it was, and we found that women everywhere were having the same experience as us.

At the same time, we noticed that there was a yearning towards the feminine that was happening. We [said,] “This is really interesting. So why don’t we do a class so we can begin to explore what the feminine is?” And the first night of class, it was [really] interesting: We listed these feminine qualities up on the board, and these masculine qualities up on the board—just common assumptions about [the] feminine: flowing, intuitive, receptive, surrendered, nurturing. And typical masculine qualities like logical, linear, hard, angular, penetrating.

And we looked at these different energies and these different qualities, and what was noticed was that we were hungry, as a group, as women, to experience these more feminine qualities. We were very drawn, but there was a collective fear that if we allowed ourselves to be scented in these qualities, that there would be a loss of power. So there was [this idea that] we were drawn to power,