– 32: A Technology of Aliveness with Guru Jagat

Deemed the modern face of Kundalini Yoga, Guru Jagat brings a fresh perspective to this ancient practice. She is the founder of RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology, a premier yoga school with locations in Venice CA, Boulder CO, and La Jolla CA offering classes, workshops and group cleanses.

She launched RA MA TV, a new virtual media platform that makes Kundalini Yoga and yogic lifestyle accessible to people all over the world, as well as the indie yoga music label RA MA Records with a mission to trailblaze a new genre of music for mass consumption-in and out of the yoga space, on the dance floor, radio and beyond.  Guru Jagat was a featured presenter at the 2015 Emerging Women Live.

In today’s episode, Guru Jagat and I spoke about:

The story behind her name and what exactly she means by Kundalini
Why her spiritual technology is so great for women and why Kundalini is
Why she has brought business into Kundalini Practice
How women are hardwired to make a difference in the world
Waking up every day with a conscious decision of how you are going to live that day


Here is my conversation “The Technology of Aliveness” with the powerful and energetic: Guru Jagat.
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OK, hello, and welcome, Guru Jagat! How are you?
Guru Jagat: Doing really well, thank you for having me on the show today.
CP: I’m so excited to do a deep dive into the mysteries and the practicalities of Kundalini yoga with you, and your whole spiritual—I guess when I say “dharma,” that’s probably the wrong lineage, right?
GJ: No, dharma’s not specific to lineage.
CP: Right? The Buddhists don’t own dharma, right?
GJ: They don’t, they don’t. I use that word all the time. It means what you came here for and what you’re uncovering that you came here for.
CP: So I know that you have been on tour quite a bit, and you’re expanding centers and you’re traveling with your work. You were just in Europe? Am I right?
GJ: Yes, we were just touring Europe with RA MA TV and with some other Kundalini yoga—there’s a big Kundalini yoga festival that happens in France. We also took a huge group of people to all the mystical sites in a southern cave, which was a very powerful experience, like, life-changing.
CP: Wow. That sounds great. Kundalini yoga and the south of France—that’s something I would definitely sign up for.
GJ: Yes, not bad!
CP: Not bad, right? Why don’t we start with—because some people are listening and they’re like, “What is Kundalini yoga?” And I even want to go back a little bit—and maybe you can figure out the right way to talk about this, but your name is Guru Jagat. That is your name. And I would love to hear the story around that, and I think when we first talked, when I met you, you had such a strong energy. You definitely feel like you carry the weight of that name, to me, just meeting you. I didn’t know what to expect. But maybe you can talk a little bit about the background and how you came to be doing what you’re doing, and where your name comes from. And we can start there.
GJ: Sure. Kundalini yoga, at its essence, is a technology of sound. And I believe that we’re really at the very surface, scratching the surface, of what sound in this age of technology is going to open up for us—this age of space travel and the whole universe and our whole daily perspective, and also world perspective, expanding so rapidly.
So Kundalini yoga at its basis has this sound technology, which you could call “mantra,” but really it’s just these codes, these sound codes. So Yogi Bhajan gave names that were destiny sound codes, we’ll call it. So when he gave me my name, I was really young, and everybody else was getting—it was one of those moments where everybody else was getting Tej and Jot and Prem, these sweet, simple names, and then it came to me and it was like, [deep voice] “Guru Jagat.” [Laughs]
CP: Right? [Laughs] It’s like,