– 47: Neurosculpting: Change that Lasts with Lisa Wimberger

Welcome to the Emerging Women podcast, where we hear from brilliant women leaders creating big change in the world. I’m Chantal Pierrat, your host, and my guest is Lisa Wimberger, founder of the Neurosculpting Institute.

Lisa researched neuroscience and created the practice of neurosculpting to heal herself from a trauma you have to hear to believe (it starts with being struck by lightning and gets weirder from there). Since then she’s brought the practices and process of self-directed neuroplasticity to help everyone from street police to working professionals down-regulate negative patterns of chronic or traumatic stress.

Today we talk about:

why the brain makes patterns and scripts
how neurosculpting can help you renegotiate patterns that no longer serve you
fear and free will
how to make memory an expansive fuel instead of a limiting cage
two simple practices to get your brain and body communicating as they work together to repattern your stress response

Lisa will be hosting the workshop “Neurosculpting for Leadership in the Zone” at Emerging Women Live 2017 in Denver, CO. I hope you can join us!