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When it's Time for a Leap

The Radiant Leader Coaching & Mastery Programs

From money to mindset, Emerging Women is creating tidal waves of impact with new paradigms of business that emphasize a connected and inclusive approach to leadership. Join our Radiant Leader coaching and leadership programs to play big and lead with influence, grace, and personal power.

The Radiant Leader Strategic Visioning Retreat

1:1 Strategic Visioning Retreat with Chantal Pierrat. One full day and two evenings.

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Catalyze your vision. Unleash your authentic expression. Lead with radiance.

Are you on the edge of a big leap but not sure if you can pull it off? Is fear getting in your way? Are you on fire with emerging energy, but lack clarity about your vision? Your message? Is it challenging to express your unique voice in the world? Do you know what you and only you have been put on this earth to do? Are you looking to reclaim your feminine power and lead with influence and more ease? Do you keep waiting until you are “ready”?

Or maybe you’ve got the passion, grit, and vision, and you just need a partner to help you hold all the pieces as you fit them together.

You’ve come to the right place. We are opening 6 retreat sessions only for the Fall + Early Spring. Apply now for the The Radiant Leader Strategic Visioning Retreat and set your next chapter into motion!

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"Chantal is a creative powerhouse, filled with ideas and inspirations. She has a gift for seeing the highest potential in others and inspiring them to boldly realize their dreams."
Tami Simon Founder, CEO, Sounds True
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"Chantal is a beacon for our exalted selves. She sees things in us that we don’t see, and she identifies the concrete possibility for that which is special in us to become manifest in the world."
Kristen Wheeler, CEO of Native Genius

The Radiant Leader Mastery Program

A new paradigm for leadership.

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Lead with influence, grace and personal power

Welcome multi-passionate creatives, powerful leaders, visionaries, makers, collaborators, corralers and conveners. We are committed to doing good in the world, we are dedicated to helping others, to showing up and engaging in life a way that makes every moment filled with meaning.

As women leaders we are ready for a new model for success and power, one that leverages the incredible wisdom of the feminine.

Join other brilliant women like you for this 9-month deep dive into leading with values such as empathy, connection, mindfulness, and intuition. We will explore and embody leadership practices that RADIATE power and grace, expanding our potential to create massive change through “how” and “why” we do what we do.

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"Chantal is a movement maker. She is ahead of the rest of us, and her courageous path-breaking is sparking the growth of women's power in business and of enlightened companies eager to smartly and mindfully leverage it. Why do global thought leaders show up when Chantal asks? Because no one wants to be left behind."
Sue Heilbronner, CEO and Co-founder of MergeLane
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"Chantal is one of the most visionary human beings I've ever encountered. She automatically sees the highest possibility in each person she meets, inspiring us to look beyond our own limited viewpoints so we can see what she sees. She has turned her own life into a journey of the heart, soul and body, always reaching for the next level of radiant aliveness for herself and others. I love this woman, and am thrilled she's now giving other women the chance to learn her radiant ways."
Kelly Notaras, Founder of kn literary arts