Reply To: Emerging Women Writing Books!


Hi Kelly,
thank you so much for this, it feels really good to have simple steps to clear things out. I am writing two books at the moment, I do schedule time to write, but don’t always write when I intended to (due to having 4 children). Still, having it scheduled makes the writing happen way more often than when it wasn’t, so it’s a very serious step to take.
I write a novel in French and a UFO type of book in English (nonfiction). I have the title I think, but I liked your tip about having a hook. Especially for times when I don’t feel like sharing my title. And also it would be a good way for me to test my idea when sharing it. I’m going to give it a try and come back here to share.
I have three main struggles: the first one is related to what you say about the fact that “Many of us are writing about similar topics–feminine leadership”. I am working on myself about this inner voice saying that more famous and successful women have written beautifully on this topic. When the voice speaks, I try not to shush it but instead listen to it and then I decide that I’m going to write anyway. That there must be something unique about my of integrating things together. And that it might resonate with someone somewhere. I have no better way than being patient. I worked with an energy healer in my area and it helped a lot. If you have others insights, they’re welcome!
My second struggle is that I’m french and my English is not as elegant as a native speaker. This is where most of my self-doubt lies.
My last difficulty is a practical one: I’m not sure how to write an outline, so I just have a very basic plan, and I started writing from that. I’m heading to your website to have a look at your 3 book outline templates.
Thank you for offering to support new writer, it is very generous of you and I’m happy to be part of the community!