Reply To: Emerging Women Writing Books!


Hi Kelly, I worked on a hook, I already know it’s way too long! Still, maybe you’ll have some insights. And by the way, it was a very powerful exercise to do!
“I’ve always been an idealist, except that when I was young, it didn’t sound like a compliment in the mouth of those who would call me that. I strongly believe that our civilisation is at a crossroads and that the world needs idealists more than ever. The problem is that idealists and visionaries were always misunderstood and undermined. In our modern world, we dissolve in responsibilities, countless opportunities, overwhelm and a profusion of information that leads to confusion. In other parts of the world, people see their freedom taken away by the total opposite situation (lack of opportunities and information).
If we want to navigate this crossroads, we need to blaze a new trail and find our idealists selves back. We need both practical steps to step away from our hectic routine and a strong vision to reunite us with our innate basic goodness, in peace. Because the magic is in this synergy.
This is what I intend to offer here.
Know yourself. Find Peace. Move mountains.”

The last sentence should be the subtitle of the book. It’s a process that starts in a new vision of our bodies not linked to the perfect diet or right protein intake or perfect workout plan, but to a more holistic approach. Then I will follow a Socratic/Aristotelian way to find ourselves and deepen the understanding of who we are and how to build virtue. I want to address mindfulness in an unusual way. Then the ethics of time and space. Very practical as well. A part about creating healthy relationships and communication that is easier when you’ve been through the process of knowing yourself deeply. And then, inspired action and vision.

I believe these things to be intricately woven together. I couldn’t address them separately.

I purchased a publishing package at balboa press a year ago and didn’t even look at their support system that I find a bit dry on their website. I know it’s time I start applying my own principles big time and move forward. I believe in my idea.

I’m looking forward to your insights.

Oh, and I subscribed to your newsletter. I love it so far!