Reply To: The Art of Asking IN ACTION


Amazing, this is exactly what I was thinking this very morning: “I need a better support system!”
I am reshaping my business from the ground. Sometimes I find it a bit daunting. My family doesn’t really get what it is that I do. But that’s ok.
I’ve become good at prioritizing, but sometimes, I wish it would all be done at one, I tend to be a bit impatient! I’d love some advice on my progress as I am in the process of crafting my offering.
At the moment I am writing a free course so that people can get a better sense of me. But I long for coaching one on one again soon and my big dream would be to finish the book I’m writing and start public speaking. I find it both paralyzing and so appealing.
Any insights would be greatly appreciated from those of you who have overcome the first steps of starting a business or transitioning from one to another.