Reply To: Emerging Women Writing Books!

Chantal Pierrat

Hi Moe!

So great to hear from you here, and huge congrats to you and Cammie for getting your book out into the world! I just checked it out on Amazon, and you definitely have great endorsements–well done! I also found your website and this line totally inspired me: “In this book, we offer what we believe is a key ingredient for work that’s essential for you today and tomorrow: hope.” YES!

As it sounds like you already know, it can indeed be a challenge for first-time authors to be heard above the fray. I have two books I love that I think every new author should read. The first is Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt. Hyatt ran a successful publishing company for many years and really knows what’s what when it comes to promotion. The second book is Online Marketing for Busy Authors by Fauzia Burke. Fauzia started the first book-focused online marketing agency (FSB Associates–if you’re looking for online marketing help she’s brilliant and you can tell her I say hi!) and this book is short, sweet and potent.

If you read both these books and say, “We’re already doing all of this!” then the best advice I have is to be patient and keep going. Many first-time authors are hoping for major attention at the time of publication, but the truth is that for most, a book is a long game. If you’re taking all the right steps, your book will be sowing seeds that will continue to bear fruit over time. What we hope for is a confluence of events that will bring the book into the spotlight. With all that you seem to be doing, I think you have a great chance of that happening! Congratulations and I will be watching to see where you and Cammie go!
Love + Books,