Reply To: Emerging Women Writing Books!

Chantal Pierrat

Hi Brandi!

So great to hear from you. I know Balboa well and am very happy for you that you’ve decided to take your book publishing journey into your own hands. As someone who is currently writing my own book amid an incredibly busy life, I resonate with the need to get away on a retreat in order to really drop into the writing process. Writing IRL is a challenge to be sure!

Here are a couple tips for rounding that last bend:
1) Give yourself a mini-assignment. If you haven’t already outlined the closing, be sure to do that. Then pick one piece of the outline (even a sentence or two, it doesn’t have to be long). Set a timer for 15 minutes–because we all have 15 minutes–and just write that one piece. If you are able to complete this mini-assignment, the issue probably IS scheduling. If you’re NOT able to complete this mini-assignment, you *may* be up against some really, really important internal obstacles to finishing the book. Family loyalties…fears of being seen…you know, the regulars 🙂 Such obstacles are VERY common in my experience, but once we identify and work through them, the pathway can become much more clear.

2) Work with someone. Hire a coach or an editor, or engage a trusted friend, to cheer you toward the finish line. (Note I didn’t say “to hold you accountable”….blech. The last thing any of us needs is a guilt trip!!) If you’ve ever run a 5k (or a marathon, for that matter) you know that the folks along the sidelines are not just there for their own enjoyment. All that affirmation and clapping and cheering is actually *giving the runners energy*!!! Sometimes we need the energy from an outside source to lift us up when we’ve run out of steam. Find someone who is able to do that for you, to hold the vision with you, and it may be just the bolt of energy you’re looking for.

3) Imagine yourself DONE! This may sound corny, but I have tried it (in the privacy of my home, with the shades down, mind you) and it WORKS. It goes like this: Draw up the feelings you’re going to feel when you have that book in your hand. All the writing behind you, the book setting sail out into the world….what are you going to be feeling? Then–here’s the corny part–express all that joy/elation/excitement/pride physically. Do a happy dance…jump up and down…scream with joy! Use the future state of “complete” to fund your present state of “crossing the finish line.” It is simple, a little cheesy, and it works!!

Keep us posted, Brandi!

Love + Books,