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Dealing with Overwhelm?

Chantal Pierrat

If you are one of the many women in the midst of overwhelm, join the discussion here to offer and receive support. We want to hear what you are juggling and any practices that you are using to manage. The modern woman in business today is multipassionate and has a full life. How can we get real about what we can do and still feel satisfied and fulfilled?

  • Anonymous

    Oh boy – this is a big one. I feel as an entrepreneur that I am faced with so many ups and downs, and constantly varied tasks. My head spins as I go from zoom meetings, to tech work, to writing, to delegating, to finances. Also – the stress of cash flow and making my vision fly can be all consuming, though I am trying to stay in my feminine and TRUST! As far as practices, I don’t know where I would be without my morning meditation. I try not to skip a day! And writing down some clear intentions every morning for the day is super helpful as well. Finally – a short gratitude list in the morning helps me to stay positive. I want to hear what others are doing out there!

  • Marie-Louise

    Hi, this is one of my favorite topics! I used to feel so constantly overwhelmed. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen anymore, but I agree that practices such as meditation and other rituals throughout the day helped me a lot.
    When I feel overwhelmed coming, I repeat to myself: It’s ok to feel what I feel.
    Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur helped me know myself better and create a sense of resilience.
    Another big game changer was to learn how to prioritize. I’d love to be at that point where I can start delegate, but this is number one on my intention list for this year!

    • Chantal Pierrat

      What are your best prioritization tactics? I’ve been told that ruthless prioritization is key – how do you actually implement?

      • Lisa

        Kelly, I’m excited to learn about the tactics. I am interested in learning more about the prioritizing thing. Even though I do so much in a day, to keep it all together as a biz owner, mom, wife, friend,etc… I believe my time management and what I say YES to needs fine tuning. Any tips or insights are welcome! AND Moe, I enjoyed your post!

  • Anonymous

    Great thread! I thought you all might be interested in this recent blog I wrote on the topic:

    It’s Precarious, Balancing

    • Chantal Pierrat

      Haha! Hi Moe, thanks for posting. I loved your blog post. My favorite – “It’s working! The juggle, the-wildly-out-of-balance-CEO-mom-sister-wife-mother-friend-former-athlete-wanna-be-creative-writer-person that I am, somehow manages to run a profitable business, have people who still love me, and make a difference somewhere.”

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