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I know, right?! After three Emerging Women Lives bouncing from my chair with inspiration, I was surprised to find that the thing I feel most called to do is to support the men who will be our allies in this era of feminine rising. Maybe some of the call came from seeing the husbands of the speakers (and even Chantal’s) supporting from the sidelines. Maybe it was talking to other attendees or my fellow volunteers about their big ‘D’ dreams and the partners they had or wanted to support those. For sure, one of my favorite sidebars was talking with speakers about their dating lives. One thing that seems clear is that what we need from these real and hypothetical men is not for them to become more feminine or to take up less space but for them to be as radiant, whole, and present in their masculine selves as we are coming to be in our feminine selves. I would love to take advantage of this forum to hear more about what you’re wanting and needing from the men in your lives. What does the empowered feminine need from a masculine counterpart? What do YOU want and need? (Hint: if we talk about what we do want, rather than what we don’t want, we’ll get to it that much faster 😉

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