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The Art of Asking IN ACTION

Chantal Pierrat

A cornerstone of feminine leadership is knowing that NO ONE CAN DO THIS ALONE. So here’s a thread where you can ask your fellow females for whatever you need at the moment. From marketing advice to mentorship requests. This is the place to exercise the art and power of asking.

PS – if you haven’t yet, check out Amanda Palmer’s amazing podcast on this topic HERE.

  • Marie-Louise

    Amazing, this is exactly what I was thinking this very morning: “I need a better support system!”
    I am reshaping my business from the ground. Sometimes I find it a bit daunting. My family doesn’t really get what it is that I do. But that’s ok.
    I’ve become good at prioritizing, but sometimes, I wish it would all be done at one, I tend to be a bit impatient! I’d love some advice on my progress as I am in the process of crafting my offering.
    At the moment I am writing a free course so that people can get a better sense of me. But I long for coaching one on one again soon and my big dream would be to finish the book I’m writing and start public speaking. I find it both paralyzing and so appealing.
    Any insights would be greatly appreciated from those of you who have overcome the first steps of starting a business or transitioning from one to another.

  • Julie

    Love this! I would ❤️ Support spreading the word about a powerful conversation I had with filmmaker and Woman’s March Organizer Paola Mendoza on my podcast, Mother’s Quest.

    Ep 16: Rising Up with Paola Mendoza

  • Melissa

    Are there any moms out there with autistic children? My sister, who is an ABA Therapist, and I are launching an online courses. We started to send out free teachings at this week… I would love to get feedback on the materials:)

    Thank you!

    Melissa Burch


    • Melissa

      I noticed a typo and fixed it… and then added a new one (should be “course”) UGH… There’s still snow on the ground here in New Hampshire and I’m blaming it on the weather…

  • Arielle

    I just finally finished reading Amanda Palmer’s, “The Art of Asking.” It took me years!!! I am typically a really fast reader, but my resistance to asking and receiving came up in the reading of it even though I found it to be a wonderful, good read. I was finally inspired to finish reading it in the face of two projects I’m working on that require me to get better at asking because they both require me to fundraise and build an audience.

    I’d love for the EW community to check out the new web series I am creating, “Belonging in the USA. Please share with your communities online and elsewhere. Thank you!

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