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What's holding you back from speaking up?

Chantal Pierrat

For me, it’s all about fear of what may happen. Will the other person come back at me in anger? Will she or he tell me “NO!”? Will I lose that person’s love forever? Will something be taken away from me because I spoke up?

Speaking up is scary. How is it for you? Got any techniques to share with me that can help me get past the fear?

  • Stephanie

    Hi Kelly, I’m brand new here, but boy oh boy do I have techniques for you! The first thing that comes to mind is for you to watch Amy Cuddy’s TedTalk on Body Language:
    Also, I recently wrote a couple of blogs with specific techniques to help with fear, overwhelm, stress and anxiety:

    I hope these help! Do circle back and let me know.


    • Chantal Pierrat

      Hi Stephanie,
      Thank you for your suggestions! Amy Cuddy’s talk is great. I’d love to read your blog posts. Where can I find them?

  • Stephanie

    Hi Kelly – was pretty sure you would like the Amy Cuddy Ted Talk. Have you been doing your “power position”? it really DOES work! You can find my blogs at Also, I’ve got a “4 Coping Skills” report you can get at They are really simple and you can start using them now. Let me know how they help and how your fear is shifting. Hope you are having a great day!

  • Shan

    Hi Kelly I’ve taught these skills for a few decades, so I believe I can help! A skill it is important all women learn (and men) is to love ourselves. If you love yourself, so it follows that you will find it important to be authentic and to express your truth and ‘let the chips fall where they may’ (not make it important what others think of you). What is essential is that you think well of yourself. Try doing something loving for yourself each day, just because that makes you feel good. As you build up your confidence and self-esteem, what others think of you will be less important and you will enjoy the feeling of having voiced your truth. Shan

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