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Radical Intimacy: The Power of Deep Connection from the Bedroom to the Boardroom

with Zoë Kors

February 3, 2021 | 11:00 AM MT

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Radical Intimacy: The Power of Deep Connection from the Bedroom to the Boardroom

Have you ever felt like you are skimming the surface of your life?

We live in a culture rich with opportunities for distraction from the discomfort of uncertainty and the vulnerability that comes with facing the truth of what is right in front of us.

How many times have you brushed off a tense interaction with your partner because you didn’t want to incite the same argument you’ve been having over and over again, maybe even for years? What about when you catch a heart-wrenching glimpse of yourself in the mirror in spite of your efforts to avoid seeing yourself naked? Do you have your own version of escaping into a gallon of ice cream and Netflix instead of experiencing the discomfort of your feelings?

We tend to think about intimacy as a night of hot sex, or a spa day with our bestie. But intimacy is much more than that. It is a practice and a framework for the totality of our lives. Intimacy is not something that exists outside of ourselves and is not dependent on the willing participation of another. It is readily available to each of us in any given moment.

We can talk about truth-telling, authenticity, badassery, self-love, self-care, and slaying the day. We can apply the law of attraction, love languages, and every hack in the world. We can do all the yoga, spa days, workshops, and retreats we can make time for. But without an underpinning of intimacy, our experience of ourselves is soft and dreamy (like the filters we apply to our social media posts) and lacks the kind of specificity necessary to truly know ourselves through and through. With intimacy as the foundational principle of our existence, we position ourselves to suck the juice out of every experience from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Join Emerging Women for a live Power Boost presentation from sex and intimacy coach, Zoë Kors. She will show you how to cultivate the deeply connected relationships you desire and the life you deserve.

February 3, 2021 at 11:00 AM MT
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Zoë Kors

Sex and Intimacy Coach

Power Boost Leader

Zoë Kors is a sought-after thought leader of intimacy and sexuality. She is the resident sex and intimacy coach and contributor at sexual wellness app Coral. Zoë is the former Senior Editor and Creative Director of LA Yoga Magazine and is a contributor to Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen, Avocado Green Mattress and Fabletics blogs. Zoë’s article, 6 Ways to Have Radically Intimate Sex, quickly went viral and is currently at over two million views and over 250K Facebook shares. In addition to a thriving private practice, Zoë offers her services through Center for Relational Healing, which specializes in the treatment of sex addicts and their partners. As a member of the CRH team, Zoë works with clients to reintroduce healthy sexuality and intimacy after the trauma of betrayal. 

Zoë holds a BA in Art History from University of Pennsylvania. Her post graduate work includes certification as a Co-Active Coach with the prestigious Co-Active Training Institute in San Rafael, CA, as well as dozens of programs and courses in sexuality and spirituality. Zoë is initiated in the Sri Vidya tantra lineage. Her work reflects her extensive study of Tantra, Zen Buddhism, Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork, and other Eastern disciplines, which she integrates with more process-oriented modalities of Western psychology and Co-Active Coaching.

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