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Sales and Imposter Syndrome: Power-selling Without Selling Out

with Ash Ambirge

September 2, 2020 | 11:00 AM MT

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Sales and Imposter Syndrome: Power-selling Without Selling Out

Oh, SALES. The bane of everyone’s existence. The arch-enemy of women worldwide! The one thing we are not very good at, despite being good at really hard things.

That’s because as women we are taught that our value comes from giving. Giving is the keyword: GIVING is what makes us “good.” If you consider the narrative of the way we praise women, it’s all about how selfless, charitable, kind, devoted, big-hearted, loving and generous a woman is.

Which is why when it’s time for you to take someone’s money. it doesn’t just feel awkward: it feels downright wrong.

The narrative now is that we’re greedy. Selfish. Cut-throat. Grabby.

And we don’t want to be those things. So when we finally get a client on the phone? Everything we’re saying just kinda goes…limp. You talk in a nervous ramble. You worry you sound like you’re bragging. You freeze up when it’s time to talk about price. You stutter and get mad at yourself while you’re stuttering because you know you can do better than this, but selling just always feels so downright sleazy.

So you don’t do it well.

And the client says they’ll think about it—and then disappears.

And so you follow up, feeling like a pathetic, desperate slug of a beggar.

And then the next time it’s time to get on the phone with a client, you freak out even more.

You’re bad at this, you say. You just wish people would see your value and hire you, without putting you through the torture chamber.

Alas, the bad news is: that’s not how selling works. But the good news?

Ash Ambirge is the author of The Middle Finger Project is joining us for our September Power Boost to teach us her 3X Method of Selling where you’ll learn to LOVE selling. Because this kind of selling doesn’t feel like taking: it feels like giving. And that’s precisely why it works.

Join Ash for this 45-minute Power Boost where she’ll teach you her proprietary 3X Method of Selling, walk you through specific examples, and even help you with some copy/paste scripts you can use to convert 3X more clients, for 3X more per sale, by doing only one thing 3X better! (That one thing is where the magic lies.)

September 2, 2020 at 11:00 AM MT
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Ash Ambirge


Power Boost Leader

Ash Ambirge is the author of The Middle Finger Project (Penguin Random House 2020) and the CEO of the irreverent female-focused sales training co. by the same name that helps women “make their own damn money”—[wide grin!]—through a variety of signature programs, workshops, courses, talks and books. Her work has been praised by authors such as Seth Godin and Sarah Knight (author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck”), and was recently selected to be featured on The Today Show, The Jenny McCarthy Show, CBS Radio and more. She has also appeared on hundreds of podcasts, such as “Afford Anything” with Paula Pant and “Do It Scared” with Ruth Soukup.

She’s been writing publicly for eleven years at The Middle Finger Project website and made her first million dollars “from the back seat of her car,” as she kiddingly jokes.

Ash splits her time between her historic apartment in Old City, Philly and her little cottage in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica with her darling partner, C, whom she drags to Europe every summer to more closely investigate the matter of whiskey, wine, and people with Scottish accents. Her feet are definitely bigger than yours, and she hates fish.

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