Circle Up Event

Speaking Your Soul Story

with Chantal Pierrat

December 13, 2017 | 11:00 AM MT

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Speaking Your Soul Story

Part of living the truth of who you are is speaking the truth of who you are.

Speaking your truth isn’t just about public speaking. It’s about sharing your soul story, from whatever “stage” life presents you. Whether you’re giving a TED Talk or hosting a book club, whether you’re a team lead on a corporate project or an entrepreneur seeking funding, you have an opportunity to speak from the truth of who you are to effect positive change.

In this Circle Up, you will identify your “stages,” as well as your soul story – the certain angle that you see in almost any given situation, creating the lens that is your unique perspective. My soul story is that everybody is a light, everybody has a shining spirit, and everybody is connected to the divine. That souls story tints my lens, and subconsciously almost every interaction I have becomes opportunity to create a space – whether it’s brunch with friends, a Power Circle, or the EWLive stage – where that light can shine through.

It’s easy sometimes to try to adopt someone else’s lens – especially if we see that person having success. But another’s lens will always be a little foggy. By developing the power and practice to come from your own truth, your Home Zone as Gail Larsen calls it, you maximize the opportunities to connect, influence, and have meaningful impact.

Let’s explore how to own that soul story, how it has been shaped by our life experiences, and how to use it to help us do the work we are meant to do in this world.

December 13, 2017 at 11:00 AM MT
Chantal Pierrat photo

Chantal Pierrat

Founder & CEO

Circle Up Leader

Emerging Women was launched in order to support the integration of business and feminine power to make a positive impact on the world. As a world traveller and Peace Corps volunteer, Chantal Pierrat witnessed first-hand the severe oppression and disempowerment of women that is present in most third-world countries across the globe. And as a sales and marketing executive in medical technology and manufacturing, she experienced the challenges and difficulties modern women face in the first-world business arena. Though the environments were quite different, the effects on women were similar: work more, get rewarded less, and feel insecure as we try to fit into a world created by and for men.

After 11 years as a publishing executive in the area of personal growth, holistic living and spirituality, Chantal combined her passion for women’s leadership, inner transformation, and making the world a better place by launching Emerging Women with the first-annual event in October 2013. Since then, speakers such as Arianna Huffington, Dr. Brené Brown, Dr. Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Dr. Tererai Trent, Kristin Neff, PhD, Esther Perel, Kelly McGonigal, PhD, Zainab Salbi, Reshma Saujani, Anne Lamott, and others women from businesses in all industries have come together to discuss the issues facing women entrepreneurs and leaders today.