Transformational Speaking™


"I never thought I would be able to be that person who could stand in front of a room and deliver something with such powerful impact - I just didn't have the resources or the know-how. . . I'm incredibly thrilled and grateful for the training both by Gail and Chantal - the course was absolutely phenomenal and magnificent and I would take it again in a heartbeat!"

Suzette Hibble, Owner of SHE Photography

The heart of Gail’s work is rooting out the story that your life has prepared you to tell. This is revolutionary.

Danielle LaPorte

"Gail and Chantal are a dynamic duo – each masterful in their own way! Transformational Speaking™ with Gail Larsen and Chantal Pierrat helped me take my message, confidence and energy to a level I didn’t think was possible. Working with Gail helped me to not only hone the essence of my message, but also the essence of my personal truth – my ‘medicine.’ This deeper level of connection within myself allowed me to access the truest story that was stirring within me. And with Chantal’s brilliant insight and coaching I got to a place of radical resonance with my story and the flow of it – no more holding back. I can feel the difference energetically in how I show up now and how I hold the energy in the room. "

Kimberly Napier, MBA, PCC, CPCC, CiPP

Transformational Speaking™ is a profound and unique system… through the course, it became instilled and imprinted that I had everything inside of me that I needed to bring my message to the world. It is not about writing or memorizing a speech. What was so powerful for me is that it brought me into right relationship with my truth. Part of the transformation was to see that what we hide is the very seed of what will connect us intimately with others. As a poet, I am attached to words, but I realized that it is not the precision of my language but my willingness to reveal my heart that connected me to others.

Nancy Levin, Bestselling Author & Coach

"I cannot speak highly enough Chantal, her organizational skills, her vision, and her tremendous power to light you on fire. Chantal has this amazing way of seeing your true mission, how to express that, and then breaks that vision into manageable steps. She is a cheerleader, actualizer, confidante, and project manager. This is the most engaged online class I’ve ever taken . . . it is profound to find out what I am here to say. A total win."

Elizabeth Janowski, CEO

The human longing to connect to others is under-leveraged, and the story is a critical part of our connection. Through the Transformational Speaking™ process, I answered the revealing questions I had never asked myself and explored what has been unfolding and forming within me throughout this entire journey to share a message that is mine. It goes beyond all the knowledge gathering to integrate that knowledge with my story and revealing that to the world. It is such a gift to self to say, 'I am allowing myself to be in the room. I am saying I have worth and my story is important...

Pamela Mattsson, Executive Development Principal at Amazon

"I'm so grateful for the road of life that's connected me to Chantal and Gail - two authentically wise women. Our powerful coaching calls held a lot of magic and zeroed in on the real message and passion of my life's work. I'm working on my speech, my book, my life to share with the world. No turning back!"

Anne-Marie C. 2018 participant of Transformational Speaking™