Transformational Speaking with Chantal Pierrat & Gail Larsen

Transformational Speaking™

with Chantal Pierrat + Gail Larsen

Join Chantal Pierrat and Gail Larsen on a learning adventure to...

Speak the Truth of Who You Are


We are being called. 

The world needs the Feminine Voice – Now, more than ever.

Are you ready to give voice to the truth of who you are? To risk the fear and self-doubt that vulnerability brings – in the name of truth?

Is the universe pulling you to expand your reach, to express yourself more fully and authentically – your desires, your gifts, your unique magic?

You are not alone.

This is why Emerging Women is honored to be partnering with Gail Larsen, award-winning author of Transformational Speaking and CEO of Real Speaking Academy to bring you the Transformational Speaking™ Online Course with Chantal Pierrat and Gail LarsenTake this journey with us to:

  • Feel more confident speaking up and out
  • Embrace your Soul Story + discover your Original Medicine
  • Speak with authenticity, power, and influence in any context
  • Shape + finalize the talk you were born to deliver!

Time is running out. The masculine is drawing its last breath as the dominant energy on our planet and we need to rise to shepherd the coming of a new voice – HER voice.

Chantal Pierrat

A personal message from Chantal Pierrat, founder of Emerging Women.

We cannot create change without speaking up – telling our stories and expressing our vision for a more inclusive and humane world. Every time one of us shares our story, it inspires another to do the same. And the more we share the more we feel connected, and the more courageous and powerful we become.

Gail Larsen’s work in Transformational Speaking™ is THE place to go to craft your personal story in a way that creates impact and influence.

I took this course myself last year because in order for me to continue to support women in their leadership, I needed to work this edge of storytelling. I was joined by more than 30 women in the Emerging Women community and did we ever rock our worlds working together in this lively learning adventure! Now I’m inviting you to join us. I’ll personally be hosting calls with Gail every two weeks for juicy, rich discussions about where the course is taking you in your own self-discovery and recognition of the power of your stories.

For four months, module by module, together we’ll go to the heart of what we have to say, discover our own original ways of saying it, and focus on what we most care about so that we fully trust our magic and share it with others.

Whether or not you envision yourself as a public speaker, Gail’s Transformational Speaking™ online course takes you on a deep dive into the self-knowledge and insight that support us in extending our voices, whether one or one, in a staff or board meeting, in a coaching or family relationship, or from the speaking platform.

Every Emerging Woman owes herself and the world the gift of her truth and her voice. Let’s DO this!

-Chantal Pierrat, Founder & CEO of Emerging Women

Watch this dynamic video discussion on the power of Transformational Speaking™ with Danielle LaPorte, Chantal Pierrat and Gail Larsen.

Discover the path to a dramatic shift in your capacity to speak and be heard.

Open hearts, inspire change, and move others to act with this comprehensive learning adventure that brings the celebrated four-day Transformational Speaking™ Immersion directly to you.

Through Transformational Speaking™ Online you will:

  • Appreciate and honor who you really are by claiming your “Original Medicine,” the gifts and talents that you and you alone possess
  • Identify and develop your core message, the foundation for your branding and any presentation you ever make
  • Move beyond the comfort zone, where most speakers stop, to the Home Zone™ where your power as a speaker emerges
  • Understand the four levels of engagement and how your story can influence people whose worldviews differ from your own
  • Discover the voices you’ve silenced that bring you and your speaking alive
  • Appreciate your own S/Hero’s Journey and use your stories to move others
  • Make fear and nerves your allies with energy management practices that bring you home to yourself so you embody your message and connect authentically with others—with ease!
  • Dump the script with an easy method of presentation development that supports both spontaneity and structure
  • Learn to use your authentic power with those who can hear you, rather than the force of argument with those who can’t—and in the process, find your tribe!
  • Simplify and amplify all your decisions by trusting your medicine and your message as touchstones to what to say yes to and what to say no to.

Join us in this Inspiring Adventure filled with Substance and Spirit!

“You have within you a potent voice for change–and a message and a story that you and only you can communicate. I’ll help you connect with your deepest calling, the message you were born to share, and support you in speaking from that place. I call it the HomeZone™ – because it is where you come home to your true self.”

– Gail Larsen

Many in our Emerging Women community have worked with Gail. Consider the unmistakable power of presence of Danielle LaPorte, Kris Carr, Gabby Bernstein, and Marie Forleo. These Transformational Speaking™ graduates were all named to Oprah’s Super Soul 100 as awakened leaders who are using their voices and talent to elevate humanity.
– Chantal Pierrat

“Transformational Speaking™ is the Best Speaker Training Ever! I now trust my ability to create and deliver a talk with no notes and I felt so reconnected to my heart, my talent and my capacity to change the world. I see myself using my new Transformational Speaking™ skills in every part of my business and life. Thank you, Gail from the bottom of my heart.”

Marie Forleo, Founder, Marie Forleo international, New York, NY

Danielle LaPorte

“Transformational Speaking is only half right. It is really Transformational Living. Gail is the real thing, a master at seeing the truth and a deep believer in the beauty of the human process. I want to sing from the mount that everyone should come and be in this experience. It will make you a more powerful speaker and a more powerful lover of who you really are.”

Danielle LaPorte, Online Philosopher and author of White Hot Truth and The Desire Map

Elizabeth Lindsey

“If you know you’re here to make a difference, If there are words in you that must be spoken, there’s no one more masterful than Gail Larsen. Her keen abilities set her apart from the rest. Entrust her to refine your brilliance. Give voice to your life. The world awaits.”

Elizabeth Lindsey, World Citizen National Geographic Society Fellow, Anthropologist, and Award-Winning Filmmaker

Here's What You'll Find in Transformational Speaking™ Online

The course includes seven comprehensive modules with a curriculum that follows the design of Gail’s four-day live Immersion experience. Each module begins with a video to help you center and ground yourself and is filled with step-by-step training audios, worksheets, and video conversations with Transformational Speakers to support you in applying what you’re learning. And you don’t have to wait for an opening in the Immersion, which is booked months in advance. You can start right now!

Preparing for Your Journey

Our virtual adventure begins with an in-depth orientation where you’ll see that Transformational Speaking™ has nothing to do with tired techniques and pedantic formulas that only obscure your natural brilliance. Instead, you’ll begin to recognize that a compelling communicator already lives within you. From there, you can set into motion the world-transforming story that your life, and your life alone, has prepared you to tell.

LIVE CALL on May 8th at 2pm MT.
*All calls will be recorded.

Module 1
Naming and Claiming Your Original Gifts
Journey deep within yourself to reveal, unlock, and claim your original gifts—also known as your Original Medicine. Being clear on your true essence is the first vital step in becoming a transformational speaker. When you learn to stand in the power of your Original Medicine, you trust who you are and move out of comparison and competition. You can choose to speak and to speak up where your authentic gifts can be fully expressed and received.

LIVE CALL on May 29th at 2pm MT.
*All calls will be recorded

Module 2
The Soul of Story
Learn the Four Levels of Engagement and discover why story is the most powerful way to reach your audience on a soul level so that change is possible. You’ll begin to explore the vast endowment of story your life has provided, beginning with the story of where you are right now, and the new story that you hold in your heart.

LIVE CALL on June 12th at 2pm MT.
*All calls will be recorded

Module 3
From Information to Transformation: Speaking from Your HomeZone™
Discover the difference between your comfort zone where facts and information demonstrate your professional competence and your HomeZone, where you create a personal connection through your authenticity, vulnerability, and humanity. Here you step into your full power to captivate and influence your audience with the power of story, moving beyond being not only professional but also to touching people emotionally. Learning to access your HomeZone™ transforms you from an ordinary and forgettable speaker to a powerful message bearer that opens the door to real change.

LIVE CALL on June 26th at 2pm MT.
*All calls will be recorded.

Module 4
Building Confidence and Connection: The Four Speaking Skills to Carry You Home
Once you’ve discovered the flow and natural communications ability available to you in your HomeZone™, your speaking skills are largely in place. To take your speaking to the next level, apply the four vital skills to bring you and your speaking fully alive. Once you become aware of them, you’ll likely find that just one of them is your personal key to transforming your capacity to engage and move an audience. You’ll also discover a voice within you that you have silenced that will expand and enliven your life and your speaking.

LIVE CALL on July 10th at 2pm MT.
*All calls will be recorded.

Module 5
Revealing the Core Message and Signature Story that Only You Can Share
Dig deep into the rich soil of your own life to mine not only your signature story—the story only you can share—but also to define the one core message that is burning inside you. This message is the one that simplifies and amplifies all your decisions from this day forward!

LIVE CALL on July 24th at 2pm MT.
*All calls will be recorded.

Module 6
Crafting the Speech You Were Born to Give to the Audience You Are Destined to Serve
Once you understand the energetics of change, you’ll understand why joy—the 540 Vibe!—is the compass to use in finding the audience ready and willing to act on your call to action. Then you’ll be ready to craft your original world-changing speech and take it to the audience you were born to serve. Discover how to craft a powerful speech—without a script!—with an easy method of presentation development that supports both spontaneity and structure.

LIVE CALL on August 7th at 2pm MT.
*All calls will be recorded.

Module 7
Putting It All Together to Take the Stage
It’s show time! Define your own “Body Rules” to remain whole in the work of change, as well as your on-site requirements to assure your success and avoid surprises when you take the stage. We’ll wrap up with expert advice on getting yourself out there as a speaker, including written materials to showcase your credentials and what you can do to be ready for representation by a speakers’ bureau or agent.

LIVE CALL on August 21st at 2pm MT.
*All calls will be recorded.


Each of the 7 modules will include:

  • An Action Guide and Journal for your assignments.
  • A short video from Gail (or a trusted resource) sharing a technique for grounding and centering yourself. This is to support you in alleviating fear of speaking as well as showing up as a full-bodied, trustworthy human with something significant to share—not as a talking head delivering facts and information that are easily forgotten.
  • The teaching/coursework for the module, delivered by Gail on audio.
  • “Transformational Speaking™ Applied”—a group of Transformational Speaking™ graduates talking about how they are using the teachings and the big difference it has made for them. (This is to goose you into trusting that what you’re being asked to do actually works!)
  • Your assignment for a self-video so you can track your progress as you more fully express and embody your voice. You can post this to our private Emerging Women Facebook page for feedback from others who are part of this course!
  • Some modules will include additional resources and videos of Transformational Speaking™ in Action! You’ll see some great examples of speeches that reflect what Gail is teaching, straight from the Transformational Speaking™ Immersion in Santa Fe.

In addition, with your registration you receive...

  • Eight months access to Transformational Speaking™—Online! where you’ll work with the course content, audio recordings, an action guide and journal, video and bonus resources at your convenience. (Of course, you can download the core materials for permanent access.)
  • Our 3-Step Pre-course Orientation designed to assess where you are in your speaking and self-expression now and where you want to be at the end of the course, with weekly check-in emails to stay on track with your intentions.
  • Live group coaching calls with Chantal and Gail on each module, where they will answer your questions and support your next steps to move closer to your truth and authentic expression. Calls are scheduled every two weeks beginning May 29th, 2019, with a kickoff call on May 8th. (Calls are recorded and become part of the course.)
  • An active private Facebook Community to meet and converse with others and inspire your consistent action on the Transformational Speaking™ journey as you work with others equally committed to finding and expressing their true selves. This circle of friends supports mutual learning with valuable feedback, plus you’ll gain from each other’s experience and breakthroughs as you dive into your stories and create a new talk.
  • An assigned working partner for Module 1 and Module 5. In these Modules there are a series of reflective questions where being witnessed by a partner is particularly helpful as you complete foundational elements to move forward with confidence and clarity. Our team at Emerging Women will pair you up with another person, and we ask you to devote 2 ½ -3 hours together to answer the questions and receive feedback from your partner prior to our calls for Module 1 and Module 5. We recommend that both of you listen without comment or conversation when your partner is answering the questions, and at the end of that time you will offer your reflections. That will allow her to go deeper within herself to see what is there that she may not have expressed previously. This is the “gold digging” in the course that allows you to get current with your life and what may want to speak through you now.
  • All the teachings of the four-day Transformational Speaking™ Immersion, plus added reflective exercises and new material on getting yourself out there as a speaker. (Tuition for the live Immersions is $6600 plus tax, accommodations and travel, so we’re thrilled to offer you this extraordinary value as together we go through the course.)

Just imagine… what it will be like when you stop believing that some new strategy will finally be your ticket to a sustainable business, and instead start believing in yourself.

Are you ready to invest in expressing your authentic self and bringing your gifts to the world?


About Gail Larsen

Gail Larsen’s work has been described by Fast Company as “transforming your relationship to your voice via the deepest stirrings of your soul.” She takes what is often considered our greatest fear–public speaking–and helps us understand that fear is truly excitement without the breath. She delights in each person finding their own to speak from the truth of who they are and what they love to open hearts, inspire change, and move people to act.

Gail is the founder of Real Speaking® and the award-winning author of Transformational Speaking™: If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story (Random House and Brilliance Audio). An SBA award-winning entrepreneur, her original approach to communication draws from her own journey as a previously reluctant speaker, her respect for indigenous wisdom, twenty-five years in the world of speaking, and wide experience in business and association management. She is a former EVP of the worldwide National Speakers Association and teaches annually at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. In 2014, she instigated the annual Holy Fools Day Extravaganza, an online event celebrating people who step outside convention to find their voices and become the radical change artists their souls are calling them to be. Gail offers Transformational Speaking™ to a global audience through both her Online Academy and live immersions in Santa Fe, NM.

Chantal Pierrat

About Chantal Pierrat

Chantal’s mission is to increase women’s leadership across the globe. After earning an MBA from the University of Colorado, Chantal left a career in medical device manufacturing in search of work that would align her dedication to transformative leadership with her passion for living an inspired, impactful life. In September 2012, she founded Emerging Women, a global leadership and media platform that serves over 70,000 women worldwide. Chantal’s ultimate vision is to weave feminine leadership and authenticity into businesses, and to create a world where women have a strong voice in the shaping of our future.

Prior to Emerging Women, for over a decade, Chantal served on the executive team as the VP of Sales and Marketing for Sounds True, a multimedia publishing company focused on spirituality, personal growth, and holistic living. Chantal believes that dance is one of the most powerful ways to connect to our present experience and discover the truth of who we are. She created SoulSweat™, a dynamic dance program that combines structured choreography with wild abandonment. She taught for 12 years, and released SoulSweat, the DVD, in 2007. When she is not dancing or working to empower women around the world, Chantal enjoys family time with her husband and two sons in Boulder, CO.

Kris Carr

“This was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. It truly was perfect. Gail, you have the most precise, intuitive and truly helpful teaching of anyone I’ve ever studied with. I’m more ‘me’, and I will use my new skills in all aspects of my life and especially with my next book. It’s like a road map to new juicy, previously and safely dangerous territory! My advice: You must experience Transformational Speaking™ and you must do it now!”

Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Wellness

Jennifer Louden

“Run – don’t walk, don’t wait! If you can’t afford it yet, start saving your pennies because this is transformational branding, speaking, soul work, get out your mojo work! You are going to get everything that you need, and it comes together in a magical, intensely multi-layered package. Gail Larsen and Transformational Speaking™ have my highest recommendation.”

Jennifer Louden, “The Comfort Queen,” Best-selling author of 13 books and igniter of The Savor and Serve Experiment

Transformational Speaking™ Online

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*This comprehensive and spirited training follows the design of Gail’s four-day live Immersion experience and includes seven teaching modules plus an Orientation and Graduation. Gail’s four-day Immersions in Santa Fe are consistently enrolled months in advance at a tuition of $6600 plus tax, airfare, hotel and other travel expense – a total investment of $8,000+. You get all the teachings and processes of the Immersion in this elegant online course, and you will get an Emerging Women posse to help you in your speaking journey!

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This course and related documents contain copyright-protected content owned by Gail Larsen and/or Real Speaking LLC. This content may not be used in trainings, workshops or seminars without the expressed written consent of Gail Larsen. Furthermore, no part of the course may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or means, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system other than for the buyer's personal use, without permission in writing from Gail Larsen. By continuing with this purchase, you agree to adhere to these requirements.

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Refund Policy:

Understand that through this course, you’re investing in your relationship with your own deepest truth. Money is only one aspect of your investment. It takes time, effort and courage, too. When you commit to finding and expressing your truth, you must follow that intention through to the very end. That’s why, just as with Gail’s in-person courses, Emerging Women offers no refunds, for any reason. That assures you show up fully committed to yourself and to your intention.