What It Means to Honor Your Journey

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Summer feels like a seasonal permission to slow down, enjoy the longer days, and soak up where we are presently.

However, just because kids may be on hiatus from school and work may have three-day weekends on deck throughout the warmer months, doesn’t mean we automatically get to slow down, too.

In fact, our brains are hardwired to go, go, go. But what would happen if we just stopped, even only for a few minutes?

✨Would it delay us in achieving our next big goal? Or would it have the opposite effect and let us recalibrate to ensure we are on the right path? ✨

The right path looks different for everyone. And trying to keep up with what others are doing only leads to frustration and disappointment.


Because everyone has goals specific to them. Each person has a vision for their life that only makes sense for where they are. When we begin comparing our lives to others and try to keep their pace, it only pushes us further behind where we ultimately want to be.

However, once you realize you are in charge of where you want to go, it can feel empowering… and, yes, sometimes scary. But, oh, it is so impactful.

To make sure you’re giving yourself room to grow at a pace most meaningful for you, here are a few things to reflect on.

Self and Life Reflections

  1. How Do You Feel?

    Take stock of how you feel at the most basic level. Do you feel happy, frustrated, excited, exhausted? If you’re leaning toward frustration or exhaustion, identify areas causing those feelings the most. Is it your job? Is it your relationship? Is it yourself?

  2. What Can Be Done?

    After you’ve identified where you are, consider where you want to be. Think of growth as a sort of Mad Libs, fill-in-the-blanks type of situation, where you get to choose the story you create.

    For instance, my __________ is making me feel __________. To switch things up, I am going to _________.

    Use this simple activity as a chance to get curious. Feelings come and go, but diving deeper to the root of where these feelings arise can uncover areas where you can improve conditions.

  3. Why Does It Matter?

    Again, when honoring your journey, make sure the changes you make matter deeply to YOU. While your growth may have a positive impact on those around you, make sure you’re not putting yourself second.

    Sometimes, giving yourself time and space to think about what you want can be surprising. It’s easy to get stuck on auto-pilot or unknowingly copycat others’ dreams and lives.

Get in the Groove of a Growth Mindset

So you’ve done some reflection and gone through the how, what, and why of it all – now, it’s time to equip yourself for your journey. A growth mindset calls for a self-belief that you can improve your life through learning, persistence, and consistent action. These actions will help you along the way if you get stuck, if you take a new direction, or simply serve as a reminder of how far you’ve come.

Practice Gratitude

I find it helpful to start the morning by listing three things I’m grateful for: For example, I’m grateful for my health, my family, and my friends. They can be the same three things every day or you can switch it up. The key is to not overthink it.

Maybe you’re thankful for a sunny day or a quiet morning. Maybe you’re thankful for a new friendship or an unexpected compliment from a stranger.

Acknowledge whatever it is you’re grateful for and know some things are happening for you right now that you may have only hoped for not too long ago!

Embrace Joy

It’s easy to get bogged down by responsibilities to fully feel joy in all areas of our lives. That makes embracing the joyful moments all the more important.

When on the journey to our big goals, it may feel like we’ll only really experience joy when we reach that defining moment.

However, the path to get there is filled with joyful moments to encourage you on your way. It’s the little things that line the path. These may align with the things you’re grateful for or it could be what you notice throughout the day.

Do you find joy in standing with your toes in the sand on the beach or the grass in the park?
How about making yourself a meal of all your favorite foods just because?
Maybe joy today is watching a movie with your family or laughing with a friend.
The good news is you don’t have to look far for joy; it’s always around, just waiting for you to notice.

Foster Connection

Busy lifestyles can unintentionally lead to strained connections. Therefore, fostering connection can mean intentionally going deeper with someone, and can also mean being a bridge for others.

Make a networking introduction that is helpful for someone who is job searching. Plan a phone call with a friend or family member you’ve been wanting to catch up with but haven’t made the time. Set aside time for yourself to journal, meditate, and connect back to yourself.

Evaluate Relationships

In the same way, take stock of your relationships and see where they stand. Are they uplifting or draining? Do you feel good about where you are, or is there room for improvement?

This evaluation doesn’t mean you have to eliminate relationships. But take an honest look at where they are by asking yourself:

Are you giving more energy to it than you’re getting?
What do you value from the relationship? What do you wish was better?
Have you neglected a relationship due to other priorities? How can you get it back on track today?

Celebrate Wins

Reaching different milestones of your journey is a huge accomplishment and should be recognized accordingly. Celebrate all the moments!

Every effort, big or small, is impactful for your growth and pushes you further along on your journey.

Did you speak up for yourself in a moment when you would otherwise shut down?
Did you learn a new skill or communication method that benefits you?

This is me encouraging you to look at how beautifully unique your individual path is and feel good about the next steps you take.

Lean into this laid-back season and set (or re-set) the pace you want to take into the rest of the year. What is it that you want? Is it more reflection? Is it time to put plans into action? Or is it a moment to take the first step that will get you one step closer to where you ultimately want to be?

The journey is yours.


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