Your Self Authorship

Your Self Authorship

Lead with Influence, Grace and Personal Power


Are you on fire with the energy of emergence? Do you feel ready to move into a greater understanding of your own personal power?


Welcome powerful leaders, rising executives, CEO’s, visionaries, makers, and collaborators. Emerging Women is now offering our most in-depth, high-touch, leadership experience that incorporates all that we stand for: conscious leadership rooted in connection, embodiment, and authenticity.


The Radiant Leader Mastery Program is a new 9-month program for {descriptors of target audience}, what will it do for them {their outcomes of what they are trying to achieve}, and…{consider including an ‘even if’ statement}.


Emerging Women has delivered leadership programs to thousands of women (and men!) in the corporate and technology arenas to rave reviews and measurable results. We have hosted legendary live events with trailblazers such as Brené Brown, Arianna Huffington, Reshma Saujani, Elizabeth Gilbert and more. Now we are ready to work with you to help you live and lead from the truth of who you are.


Sending out light; shining or glowing brightly.

It’s time for women’s voices to be heard. It’s time for us to step up and out, to commit to playing a bigger game—one that reflects our version of success and leadership. We need to lead with our stories, experiences, and the truth of who we are to ensure that innovation and power structures represent the true human experience.




Join other brilliant women like you for this 9-month deep dive into living and leading with the truth of who you are. We will explore and embody practices that RADIATE power and grace, expanding our potential to create massive change through “how” and “why” we do what we do.


You’ve got a lot on your shoulders and you need to spend more time leading with your ideas and presence —the secret sauce to expanding your business!

You are rising or at the top of your game, and you are ready to lead with greater influence, a strong personal brand—and feel connected to your feminine side!

You wear so many hats and you want to succeed in the company of other women like yourself who are stretching, growing and making sh*t happen on your own terms!

You are creating a movement, sending out the call, and you want to exponentially increase your reach by sharing more of your vision with people ready to be part of it.

Be Seen, Heard, — and Felt

Live and lead from the truth of who you are.

What’s Included?

This 9-month program is packed with transformative, actionable information.
It combines intimate, virtual online meetings with two highly experiential in-person events in Boulder, Colorado, as well as 1-on-1 coaching.

We’ve created this program to be both expansive and intimate, introspective and collaborative.


Facilitated Power Circle – 9 Sessions

Your Power Circle is led by trained Emerging Women facilitators and you’ll be joined by 6-7 women who will be your support, mentors and colleagues as we move through the program. Emerging Women has been delivering the Power Circle program to individuals and corporations for over 5 years. The results are a measured and tangible success.

360 Review & Personality Assessments with Results Debrief

Receive a 360 Review, integrated with the Enneagram assessment for a comprehensive understanding of healthy and unhealthy thought and behavior patterning. The result? Radical self-acceptance, self-celebration, and personal power.

Two In-person, 3-day Gatherings in Boulder, CO

We will meet as an entire cohort twice in person to deepen our
connections. These events are designed to deepen your feminine power and leave you feeling resourced, connected and inspired.

Personal and Group Coaching

In addition to your assessment debrief, you will receive (2) personalized coaching 1-on-1 coaching sessions with your Power Circle facilitator. Chantal Pierrat, Emerging Women founder and CEO, will lead (4) virtual Group Coaching and Check-ins throughout the program.

Radiant Leadership Themes

Power of Story (I) Setting Intentions (I) Playing Big/Overcoming Limiting Beliefs (I) Radical Authenticity (I) Native Genius® (I) The Courageous Communicator Method (We) Emotional Intelligence (We) Personal Brand (We) Setting Limits and Boundaries (We)

Learn From Industry Experts

You’ll gain access to live online classes featuring 4-6 authors, industry experts, speakers, and thought leaders on various topics.

Energy — NOT hours labored — is the strongest currency we have for the work we do in the world. This is Radiance.


Like the sun, the Radiant Leader draws life inward, inspires growth, and emphasizes interconnectedness. The Radiant Leader sources power from strong energetic presence — born from self-awareness and radical self- acceptance. These two characteristics are arguably the greatest differentiators of history’s most celebrated leaders.

This mastery program will help you:


Are you ready to step into a higher level of self-actualization and share more of YOU with the world?

You owe it to yourself to take this powerful, life changing program.

The core curriculum


The Radiant Leader Mastery Program focuses on three areas of development:



Self-Actualization and Personal Power



Connection and Relationships


The World

Influencing and Innovating our Environment

Much of the current masculine paradigm for success and leadership focuses on the individual ability to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” and be able to achieve superhuman feats all by yourself. This has created a culture where those aspiring to high levels of leadership are trained to stand-out, publicly tout their accomplishments, share their wins, and ensure they get credit for all of their work.



Here at Emerging Women we believe strongly in the power of feedback and reflections from those surrounding our leaders. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore. Join me on this journey as we all step into the power of our voices!

– Chantal Pierrat

Chantal Pierrat and all of the Emerging Women facilitators are certified coaches with The Leadership Circle Profile and have extensive experience taking and delivering 360 Reviews – both in the public domain and through corporations. We also integrate the Enneagram into our assessment approach for a comprehensive understanding of our healthy and unhealthy thought and behavior patterning.


The result? Radical self-acceptance, self-celebration, and self-empowerment. The undeniable belief that we have everything we need to be the Radiant Leaders we long to be – by just being ourselves first.


Are you ready to step into a new paradigm for power and influence that originates from the greatest source we know of—the whole of YOU?

Tami Simon

“Chantal is a creative powerhouse, filled with ideas and inspirations. She has a gift for seeing the highest potential in others and inspiring them to boldly realize their dreams.”


Tami Simon, Founder, CEO, Sounds True

“Chantal is a beacon for our exalted selves. She sees things in us that we don’t see, and she identifies the concrete possibility for that which is special in us to become manifest in the world.”


Kristen Wheeler, CEO of Native Genius

“Chantal is one of the most visionary human beings I’ve ever encountered. She automatically sees the highest possibility in each person she meets, inspiring us to look beyond our own limited viewpoints so we can see what she sees. She has turned her own life into a journey of the heart, soul and body, always reaching for the next level of radiant aliveness for herself and others. I love this woman, and am thrilled she’s now giving other women the chance to learn her radiant ways.”


Kelly Notaras, Founder of kn literary arts
Sue Heilbronner

“Chantal is a movement maker. She is ahead of the rest of us, and her courageous path-breaking is sparking the growth of women’s power in business and of enlightened companies eager to smartly and mindfully leverage it. Why do global thought leaders show up when Chantal asks? Because no one wants to be left behind.”


Sue Heilbronner, CEO and Co-founder of MergeLane

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