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Authenticity. Consciousness.
Real Connection.

Emerging Women is a global network of brilliant women creating new leadership paradigms and supporting the rise of leaders across all sectors of society.

With an ethos of authenticity, consciousness, and real connection, our mission is to catalyze the power of feminine leadership in order to fill the pipeline of women leaders and create a more sustainable future, where life and humanity are at the center of all that we do.

Emerging Women supports and inspires women to express themselves authentically by providing the tools, knowledge, and network for women to lead in a way that integrates core feminine values like connection, collaboration, intuition, empathy and heart. We are a global platform for leaders and entrepreneurs to catalyze their vision, create powerful connections, and explore the many issues that women in business face today. We offer leadership development programs, business and executive coaching, classes and trainings for personal development and career advancement, international events, networking circles, and online content that build community and know-how for women leaders.

Over 70,000 women are currently part of Emerging Women’s online community. The company has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post and The Street and over 600 women have participated in virtual and in-person Emerging Women “Power Circles”.

“Emerge” verb i-‘mərj
To come into being through transformation.

Our Values Infuse Everything We Do

These six values are the roots and inspiration behind all Emerging Women’s work. They ground us and keep us relentlessly driving forward at the same time.


Leading with Connection

The power of our shared humanity is what we work from and what we work towards. Connection with others increases creativity, vision, success, meaning and overall fulfillment. Each of us reaches higher and goes further with others.


Motivating with

When we care for ourselves as we would somebody else we care about, we have more energy and inspiration to bring our dreams to life. Being gentle with ourselves is how we see ourselves more fully, and this awareness helps us to be more patient and loving with all beings in our lives.


Courage is Heart

Courage is rooted in the French word for heart (Coeur). When we follow our passions and desires, we are inspired to take big leaps, try things we have never done, and grow from our experiences. A brave heart allows us to risk vulnerability, make mistakes and even to fail – essential components of living BIG.


Authenticity & the Real YOU

Living in creative mode, seeing life as an opportunity to express all that you want and all that you are – this is the ultimate goal for any human being. Our journey of self-expression, of Emerging into the truth of who we are, is what gives our life meaning. So why would we spend another minute trying to fit in? It’s time that we live and lead as if this whole journey were a painting of our highest art.


Living with Intention

Living with attention and intention in our day to day experience is what gives our life purpose and meaning. Our big visions become our ground and our light when we make it a practice to intentionally align with all that resonates with our deepest desires.


Embracing the Body’s Wisdom

For too long, women (and men) have been taught not to trust our bodies, to prioritize the logic of the mind as the most reliable source for decision making and action. And yet the body is where we connect with ourselves, how we learn what is true, where we feel what resonates and what does not. When we learn to trust the messages coming through our bodies, we can be free of the repetitive cycles of the mind, the self-criticism, and the trappings of false trade-offs and pros and cons. When something feels right, it usually is!

Every individual has a role to play.
Every individual makes a difference.

—Dr. Jane Goodall

Our Story

A New Paradigm for Success

Emerging Women was officially launched to the public in March of 2013 and we hosted our first live in-person event in October 2013. For the following 5 years Emerging Women gathered women entrepreneurs, executives, authors and creatives to create a new paradigm for power and success that incorporates the feminine perspective. Speakers such as Jane Goodall, Alanis Morissette, Janet Mock, Reshma Sujani, Brene Brown, Liz Gilbert, Ani DiFranco, Arianna Huffington, Marianne Williamson, and so many more graced our stage.

Growing Women Leaders

In 2015 we launched our Power Circles program to offer formalized connection for women yearning for full self-expression, sustainable success and a life of deep meaning. The result has been ripple effects beyond our wildest dreams. Businesses have been sold and bought, entrepreneurs have scaled their success, books were published and executives have stepped into a higher levels of authentic leadership—and so much more. At this point we have graduated thousands of individual and corporate women from our Power Circles programs and to this day we continue to hear of the impact from as far back as our first launch.

Let's DO this - Together!

So whether you are raising money for your new business, leading a team at a tech company, a mom in-between successes returning to the workforce, getting ready to take a leap from executive to entrepreneur, a semi-retired power-house wanting to invest in women or join a board, or you are simply a seeker of feminine wisdom—Emerging Women exists to evolve your sense of leadership identity, connect you to other badass women, and help you to create the impact you want to have in the world.

Emerging Human

We developed Emerging Human in response to the demand for our programs to reach a wider audience of top talent ready to change the way we lead. We discovered that whether you identify as a woman, black American, and/or another group underrepresented within your community or organization, the challenges of being seen, heard, and felt are many — and must be recognized and transformed. Emerging Human is a partner to Emerging Women and helps all people step into their fullness while creating a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.

Emerging Women supports and inspires women to express themselves authentically through leadership and life.

Some of our amazing partners

Heidi Normandin

Emerging Women is this rare community where strong, smart women gather to talk about important topics that no one is talking about and to unleash their untapped potential. If you want to feel fully supported, grow as a feminine leader, and lift up other women to create a better world, I have found no better place than Emerging Women.

Heidi Normandin,

NeuroCoachResearch Consultant

Sobonfu Somé

Emerging Women is a deep seed that has been planted in the soul of all the women who have been touched and will be touched.

Sobonfu Somé (D. January 14, 2017),

Creator of AWS and Healing Wisdom Wel

Kelly Notaras

Emerging Women is an irreplaceable resource for my business. When I tap into the network, attend the conference or listen to a podcast, it’s like getting an influx of cash for my heart and mind.

Kelly Notaras,

Founder of kn literary arts

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