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I have spent my entire life trying to understand what it means and what it takes to be a powerful woman and a fully-expressed human being, just like you.

After decades of “fitting in” and “figuring out,” I realized that it’s more exhausting to stay small than it is to be seen and heard in the truth of who I am.

Chantal Pierrat’s mission is to increase women’s leadership across the globe. She is the founder of Emerging Women, a global leadership and media platform.
Her ultimate vision is to weave feminine leadership and authenticity into businesses, and to create a world where women have a strong voice in the shaping of our future.

Chantal’s Driving Forces


Immersing myself into nature on a daily basis gives me the inspiration, energy and spiritual connection to discover and follow my true desires. It helps me to slow down, notice the small miracles, and relish every moment we are alive. The trees speak to me, the smells of the plants remind me that I am part of this world, sourced from and reaching for the power of this interconnectedness.


Through the practice of delight and joy I have come to appreciate how a good sense of humor can keep us connected—even when the world seems to present so much grief and challenge. God I treasure a good belly laugh!


A step beyond connection, intimacy requires vulnerability and what’s juicier than being “in it” with other people who are, like us, reaching for the stars? We cannot fully become ourselves in isolation – our Emergence is shaped and elevated in the presence of others. Intimacy with Self, people, our experience, our work, and the universe – this is the key to evolving humanity for the better. I notice that I heal and grow to the degree I am willing to stay connected.


What are we here for if not to reach our full potential and share it with the world? Growing, evolving and, ultimately, fully expressing the truth of who we are is not just a dream, it is a basic human need. And our world’s very survival depends on this need being met in each one of us. I am still learning how to get out of my own way to allow myself to be surprised by the parts of myself that are ready to be seen and heard – and I can’t wait to meet more of myself along this journey!


This is my biggest life lesson: to know that unseen forces ALWAYS have our backs. That I am loved unconditionally, and I am supported in everything I put my attention and intention toward. We are, each one of us, powerful beings here to create with ease and joy. Yes we are!

Embodied Presence

Everything I have created in my life has come from my relationship to dance and movement. How I flow in my body, the connection I feel with Soul and the Universe and my inspiration for creating – all of these things grew from seeds that were planted inside of me from the moment I swayed my hips at around 2 years old. I have overcome a training in transcendent spirituality to fully embrace my body’s wisdom as it speaks to me through the marrow of my bones. When I feel it, it’s real, it has direction, and I follow.

Chantal works with a small number of female corporate executives, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs looking to catalyze their Emergence.

Chantal’s Story

Realizing a World Created by Men

As a world traveler and Peace Corps volunteer, Emerging Women founder Chantal Pierrat witnessed first-hand the severe oppression and disempowerment of women that is present in most third-world countries across the globe. And as a sales and marketing executive in medical technology and manufacturing, she experienced the challenges and difficulties modern women face in the first-world business arena. Though the environments were quite different, the effects on women were similar: work more, get rewarded less, and feel insecure as we try to fit into a world created by and for men.

Empowering Women's Connection

Chantal felt inspired by the courage and heroic efforts of the women she encountered in developing nations as they worked collectively to overcome obstacles—and she longed for the same connected and inspired culture among women in her life as an executive in tech. As women were scarce and isolated from one another, this seemed unattainable, and so she left tech for publishing in search of a business environment that better suited her need for authenticity and meaning.

Making the World a Better Place

After 11 years as a publishing executive in the area of personal growth, holistic living and spirituality, Chantal combined her passion for women’s leadership, inner transformation, and making the world a better place by launching Emerging Women with a first-annual national event in October 2013. Since then, women from businesses in all industries have come together to discuss the issues facing women entrepreneurs and leaders today. From sex to self-concept; money to mindset; pipeline to power; leading to letting go—Emerging Women explores an integrative and sustainable model through Chantal’s vision and leadership.

At Emerging Women, we believe strongly in the power of feedback and reflections from those surrounding our leaders.

– Chantal Pierrat

Areas of Speaking Expertise

Chantal can bring a variety of speaking topics to your event, where women’s leadership is critical to the conversation. These include:

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Tami Simon

Chantal is a creative powerhouse, filled with ideas and inspirations. She has a gift for seeing the highest potential in others and inspiring them to boldly realize their dreams.

Tami Simon
Founder, CEO, Sounds True

About Chantal Pierrat

After earning an MBA from the University of Colorado, Chantal left a career in medical device manufacturing in search of work that would align her dedication to transformative leadership with her passion for living an inspired, impactful life. In September 2012, she founded Emerging Women, a global leadership and media platform that serves over 70,000 women worldwide and has advanced women’s leadership within Fortune 100 and 500 companies such as HP, Oracle, and more. Prior to Emerging Women, for over a decade Chantal served on the executive team as the VP of Sales and Marketing for Sounds True, a multimedia publishing company focused on spirituality, personal growth, and holistic living.

Chantal is a sought after speaker delivering keynotes at The Grace Hopper Celebration, Wisdom 2.0, and many other stages where women’s leadership is critical to the conversation. When she is not dancing or working to empower women around the world, Chantal enjoys family time with her husband and two sons in Boulder, CO.

Kelly Notaras

Chantal is one of the most visionary human beings I’ve ever encountered. She automatically sees the highest possibility in each person she meets, inspiring us to look beyond our own limited viewpoints so we can see what she sees. She has turned her own life into a journey of the heart, soul and body, always reaching for the next level of radiant aliveness for herself and others. I love this woman, and am thrilled she’s now giving other women the chance to learn her radiant ways.

Kelly Notaras,

Founder of kn literary arts

Sue Heilbronner

Chantal is a movement maker. She is ahead of the rest of us, and her courageous path-breaking is sparking the growth of women’s power in business and of enlightened companies eager to smartly and mindfully leverage it. Why do global thought leaders show up when Chantal asks? Because no one wants to be left behind.

Sue Heilbronner,

CEO and Co-founder of MergeLane

Joule L’Adara

Chantal Pierrat masterfully facilitates potent and vigorous transformational sessions for women leaders.

Joule L’Adara,

New York City, Founder of The Sounding Group

Kristen Wheeler

Chantal is a beacon for our exalted selves. She sees things in us that we don’t see, and she identifies the concrete possibility for that which is special in us to become manifest in the world.

Kristen Wheeler,

CEO of Native Genius

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