Join us for an immersion into Emerging Women’s Core Principles of Feminine Leadership.

Themes we’ll cover:

  • Power of Personal Story
  • Vision, Desire & Goals
  • Mindsets for Success & Wellbeing
  • Relationships, Intimacy & Courageous Conversations
  • Energetic Presence, Voice & Embodiment
  • Playing Big
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Get More From Your Work Life.

Get the clarity and confidence of knowing your innate talents and their value. Be your real self at work. Learn to shape your current work or new role around your sweet spot. More time using your Native Genius makes you better and happier — at work and beyond.

Lead From a Place of Authenticity.

Native Genius gets you the magic combination of eye-popping results and a close-knit team of awesome people, who think big, value each other, love their work, and get it done. You get extra bandwidth, heading home relieved and inspired.

Inspire Others.

  In addition to applying Native Genius for your own self-improvement, you can also inspire it in others. Everyone has the innate ability to apply this special uber intelligence, but sometimes it needs a little help. About Your Leader: Kristen teaches Native Genius to leaders worldwide at companies like eBay, StubHub and comScore. She shows people how to bring out the unique smarts in each other and shape their work to be more fulfilling, while achieving even more ambitious goals. Kristen splits her time between Boulder, Colorado and the Bay Area.   Kristen has an BBA in Accounting and IT from the University of Texas at Austin, an MA in Mythology and Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and an MA in Body Centered Psychology from Naropa University.   Kristen started her career as a CPA and software developer with Accenture. Before developing Native Genius, she consulted with companies on matters of IT, leadership and strategy for over 20 years. Her 2011 TEDx talk on Native Genius was an audience favorite. In 2015, Kristen was named one of the 100 Most Influential Global Leaders by EBW 2020. She is also a strategic advisor for Emerging Women.