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Emerging Women’s tag line is Live the Truth of Who You Are. The first step in this journey is to accept – and speak – the truth of who you are. As women we can be so focused on fitting in, or on taking care of others, that it can be challenging to place value on our own experience. And yet nothing will change without making our voices heard! This FREE video series will help you to feel more authentic and POWERFUL in your speaking up – and out! – in any context. 

Video One

Owning Your Story

Video Two

Awakening Your Soul Story

Video Three

Speaking from the Body's Wisdom

“I am truly excited about this three part video series. Each video goes into the details of three components that have changed my life as a woman speaking up for change in the world. These three fundamentals are also shining through many of the greatest speakers that have graced the stage at Emerging Women Live. Join me and our global sisters in developing the courage and self-possession required to speak for a better world – we are the future!”

Chantal Pierrat, Founder & CEO of Emerging Women

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