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A Sense of Belonging: Finding Our Way Back to the Divine Feminine

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The feminine is rising and it requires that we make different choices, re-align and reclaim our deeper knowing, so that we can lead consciously at work and in the world. As women connected to a larger purpose, we don’t always listen to our inner voice of “what is enough?” but tend to overextend, over commit, and say “yes” when we really mean “no.” This is the old paradigm that we know leads to burn out and disease individually, collectively, and on the planet. Here, we will learn four powerful steps that will support you to cultivate true belonging and connect and lead from your “soul” not “shoulds.”

In these steps, you will learn to trust the wisdom of your heart and body and show up just as you are. You will learn to dive beneath the world of appearances, beneath the “doing” and to find yourself, and as a result find your way back to your soul and the divine feminine, Mother Earth. What we are really craving in the world is belonging to oneself, to the community, belonging to the family, belonging to our circle of friends, belonging to our neighborhood. You belong to something where you can bring yourself to work and bring your best gifts or zones of genius to that community and it is embraced. This is true belonging, which ultimately can heal the world. With real belonging, you show up, just as you really are.

Join the October Power Boost with author, leadership consultant and Stanford instructor Carley Hauck, who will light the way to honoring the feminine in the fast lane.

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Carley Hauck


Power Boost Leader

Carley brings a deep knowledge in bringing our whole selves to work and the world with compassion, vulnerability and courage so that we can make a positive impact in the world.


Since 2010, Carley has been supporting leaders and companies with executive coaching, leadership development & training, team building, and fostering cultures of belonging with Fortune 100 companies and high growthstart-ups such as:LinkedIn, BankoftheWest, Asana, Gilead, and many others. Carley is an adjunct instructor at Stanford and Haas Business School where she teaches on the topic of conscious leadership to students, faculty, and staff. Carley is the author of many articles related to leadership, emotional intelligence, resilience, and authenticity at Mindful Magazine and Conscious Company. Carley’s upcoming book SHINE-Ignite Your Inner Game to Lead Consciously at Work and the World will be available in 2020 with Sounds True. Additionally, Carley’s inspiring podcast, SHINE, on the same topic of her book, showcases conscious leadership and business being a force for good in the world.

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