Power Boost!

With Nancy Levin

Become a Boundary Badass: The Ultimate Guide to Telling the Truth, Creating Connection, and Finding Freedom

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Are you exhausted from over-giving, a loaded schedule, or saying yes too often? Do you ever get confused about how you feel – how you really feel – about a situation or relationship because you are so focused on what other people may be thinking or feeling? If this feels familiar, then you may need to flex your “No” muscle!

The #1 reason you don’t set a boundary is that you don’t know what to say. Join master coach and bestselling author Nancy Levin in our November Power Boost to learn the boundary setting secret that will finally make them stick!

This is about to become your new way of life—it’s what happens when you begin to acknowledge the truth about your preferences and learn to share your needs clearly without guilt or explanation, and with collaboration instead of negotiation. It will help you ditch the pull of obligation to take care of the other person at your own expense and dive headfirst into hard conversations with confidence.

If you’ve been people-pleasing and peace-keeping your way through your relationships, career, family and friendships… this Power Boost is for you! It’s time to rock the boat.

Through self-discovery exercises with direct coaching, this will support you in making yourself a priority so you can take your attention off of everyone else and give yourself permission to put yourself first.

Remember, boundaries make freedom possible. Each time you set a boundary you say yes to you!

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  • Learn how to set boundaries and say “No” without guilt, explanation or justification
  • Explore and begin dissolving the need to constantly please others or seek their approval
  • Examine excuses used to avoid creating the life really wanted
  • Uncover the reasons for self-abandonment and recognize what is truly desired
  • Give yourself permission to put themselves first

Nancy Levin


Power Boost Leader

Nancy Levin is the bestselling author of several books, including Permission to Put Yourself First and the forthcoming Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free (Hay House, January 2020.) A Master Integrative Coach, and the creator of many in-depth coaching and training programs, she guides clients make themselves a priority and set boundaries that stick. Nancy was the Event Director at Hay House from 2002-2014, and now hosts her own weekly call-in radio show Jump Start Your Life on Hay House Radio. Nancy received her MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado and she continues to live in the Rocky Mountains.

What is a Power Boost?

A Power Boost is a 45-minute live video webinar led by entrepreneurs, executives and coaches whose experience and thought leadership are helping to create a new paradigm for the modern woman in business. These interactive sessions will open with a 15-20 minute dive into the stated topic, followed by 25-30 minutes of Q&A and spot coaching.

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