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With Hiro Boga

Create with the Soul of Your Business: Grow Your Business with Heart & Integrity

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Your business has its own soul (aka its Deva — pronounced Dave-ah), which holds the pattern or blueprint for the perfect unfolding of its life at every stage of your business’s development. In this presentation, you’ll meet the soul of your business and begin a lifelong, powerful, co-creative partnership with it that will transform your business. 

We will begin by exploring what soul is, how it functions in your everyday life, and how it connects you with non-physical beings like the soul or Deva of your business. You will learn how to communicate with your Business Deva; discover some of its essential qualities, learn more about its purposes and the kind of ecology it envisions for your business. Together, you will shape your business to express a blend of your Business Deva’s vision and your own deepest desires and values.

The results of this partnership are both practical and profound. You and the Deva of your Business have different but complementary strengths and capacities. Together, you can create a world in your business that is a model for the world in which you want to live. A world that is richer, more vast, more meaningful, and more impactful than anything either of you can create on your own. 

Learning to co-create with your Business Deva opens up untapped realms of possibility in every aspect of your business and your life. As your relationship develops in trust and understanding, you will partner with your Business Deva to grow your business into a fuller expression of its essence, and its magnificent potentials. Your business will be a beacon of integrity, joy, compassion, prosperity, service and leadership.

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  • Develop a profoundly loving and practical relationship with your own soul, and the soul of your business.
  • Experience simple and powerful practices you can use at home to co-create your heart’s deepest desires in partnership with your Business Deva and its allies.
  • Develop and nurture a lifelong partnership with your Business Deva through exploration, discovery and practical communication about everything from vision to strategy; from hiring and pricing to operations and implementation.

Hiro Boga


Power Boost Leader

Hiro Boga is a writer, business strategist and master teacher of transformation and energy alchemy. She mentors visionary entrepreneurs who want to shape a world in which soul and creativity, purpose and prosperity work together to build a world that supports all life.

For over 40 years, Hiro has been a pioneer in the field of conscious entrepreneurship, holistic, transformative business, energy alchemy, and soul-inspired creativity — helping thousands of clients and students reclaim joy, freedom, success and creative sovereignty in their businesses and their lives. 

As a mentor and teacher, Hiro blends transformative energy technologies, the magic of story, and grounded spiritual practices with pragmatic business strategies. 

Hiro is an award-winning author of several books, and offers beautifully-designed self-study programs for creative entrepreneurs through her Deva Alchemy Academy. 

She also works privately with a select few creative entrepreneurs and visionary leaders to unfold the miracle of their lives and businesses. 

You’ll find Hiro online at HiroBoga.com 

Connect with her on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for daily doses of inspiration and wisdom.

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