Power Boost!

With Jackee Holder

Emerging Women: Writing Wild & Deep

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This Power Boost session will introduce you to the first stages of writing wild and writing deep. You’ll explore how laying down wild writing on the blank page can help you navigate through difficult and trying times, as well as challenge you to consciously celebrate the wonderful and joyous moments in your day.

The fear of not knowing what to write about can be a major obstacle and block for women’s expression. But what if the invitation to writing wild was a quest on paper, designed to take you into deeper connection and intimacy with the heart and soul of who you are? What are the provocative questions to take to the page that are guaranteed to bring you alive? What are the questions you are afraid to ask, but are the ones your soul wants you to answer?

During your time with Jackee Holder, leadership coach and author of 49 Ways to Write Yourself Well, you’ll have the opportunity to actually practice wild writing, to experience it for yourself.  You’ll leave with a set of wild writing prompts that you can integrate into your own personal wild writing practice.

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  • Learn about the questions that take you closer to the heart of who you truly are
  • Explore how journaling helps you illuminate and cultivate a richer inner life, connect with your courage, and shower yourself with compassion
  • Discover how wild writing guides you to explore the intersections of honesty and truth, vulnerability and courage, deadness and aliveness

Jackee Holder

Executive + Leadership Coach

Power Boost Leader

Jackee Holder is an executive and leadership coach, who helps high-level business people access the parts of themselves that live below the surface through journaling so that they have increased access to their own resilience, visioning, restorative care, and other strengths.

As the author of 49 Ways to Write Yourself Well, Jackee has many practices to share. Does journaling ever feel like homework to you? Jackee teaches us some ways to entice your muse to come play instead of giving her more boxes to check.

What is a Power Boost?

A Power Boost is a 45-minute live video webinar led by entrepreneurs, executives and coaches whose experience and thought leadership are helping to create a new paradigm for the modern woman in business. These interactive sessions will open with a 15-20 minute dive into the stated topic, followed by 25-30 minutes of Q&A and spot coaching.

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