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With Tosha Silver

It’s Not Your Money: How to Leverage Divine Abundance in Your Financial Life

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Tosha Silver’s dogma-free vision of spirituality originally caught our eye with her first book, “Outrageous Openness”. In this era when we dare to put ourselves out there, it has become shockingly clear that the route of “go it alone, do it alone” can end up taking us to a place of loneliness, frustration, and burnout.

Tosha shows us the healing power of a different path. Her “Openness” torches burnout by recharging our inner being. The key is connecting our feminine superpowers with something beyond ourselves – spirit, the divine, the universe, God – whatever you choose to name it. But, here’s the icing on the cake: by inviting in a higher power, Tosha is convinced we are also gifted with the liberating mindset to reach our life goals FASTER.

Money and finance have the power to intimidate – even for those of us who consider ourselves accomplished business people, household managers, entrepreneurs or investors. So where better for Tosha to work her magic?

In this power boost, based on Tosha’s latest book “It’s Not Your Money”, Tosha helps us view financial issues in a new light. She believes it is totally “natural to crave prosperity” as long as we recognize that on the deepest level, money never “belongs” to us, but is rather a largesse from the Divine. Tosha illustrates the freedom of becoming open to being “used” by the universe and teaches simple practices that help us offer ourselves and our money issues up to intervention from a Divine Source.  

Get ready to be a VIP at what Tosha refreshingly terms, “The universe’s divine party”

As her website instructs, feel free to, “Come as you are!”

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  • Make “Demonstrations of Abundance”
  • Forgive yourself for money “mistakes”
  • Offer yourself up to a divine source rather than “manifesting” or visualizing your financial goals
  • Channel the universe’s wild and unexpected sense of humor
  • Deserve to Receive

Tosha Silver


Power Boost Leader

Tosha Silver graduated from Yale with a degree in English literature but along the way developed an unexpected passion for metaphysics and yogic philosophy.  She loves helping people access the Divine in deep, alive and authentic ways, without the usual dogma or jargon so common in the spiritual and self-help realms. She is the author of four books: Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead, and two books of poetry and prayers ‘Make Me Your Own.’ and Change Me Prayers: The Hidden Spiritual Power of Spiritual Surrender. Her latest book, “It’s Not Your Money” was published by Hay House on February 5th 2019.

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