Power Boost!

With Tosha Silver

Letting the Divine Take the Lead in Your Business

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In this culture, we’re taught that we have to strive and push and exhaust ourselves if we want anything to happen in our lives, and especially in our businesses. But there’s another, radically different approach: offer the whole thing back to the Divine and ask to be shown the way forward. When you open yourself to receiving Divine guidance, help, and miracles, a plan can unfold that’s larger than anything the small self could orchestrate. And in this way, we can transform our business endeavors from something stressful and scary to something with flow and magic.

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Tosha Silver

Tosha Silver

Power Boost Leader

Tosha Silver grew up thinking one day she would be a rabbi, a lawyer, or a weathergirl. But fate had other ideas. She graduated from Yale with a degree in English Literature but along the way fell madly in love with metaphysics and yogic philosophy. For the last 30 years she has taught many ways to align with the inner Divine. Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead, her first self-published book, gained a passionate audience around the world amongst people looking for fresh and vivid ways to open to the Divine. It was bought by Atria Books last April to bring it a wider audience.

What is a Power Boost?

A Power Boost is a 45-minute live video webinar led by entrepreneurs, executives and coaches whose experience and thought leadership are helping to create a new paradigm for the modern woman in business. These interactive sessions will open with a 15-20 minute dive into the stated topic, followed by 25-30 minutes of Q&A and spot coaching.

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