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With Natasha Scripture

Prioritizing Self-Love and Returning to Wholeness: How to finally feel fulfilled on your own

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While relationships can and certainly should enhance our lives, the most important – and most sacred – relationship we have is the one we have with ourselves. This often gets neglected in the search for a single romantic relationship, where we hope to find all the different loves existent in the world wrapped into a single person. In fact, it is in this longing for intimacy and companionship with someone else that we sometimes lose ourselves.

Relinquishing our attachment to the long-held belief that there’s one person out there who is going to complete us and make us happy is easier said than done. We’ve been conditioned to think that meaning and happiness come from a loving, lasting union with someone else instead of from within.

In this Power Boost we’ll debunk the notion that we are incomplete halves. I’ll share insights and wisdom I accrued on my soul-searching dating detox, and how to return to wholeness. We’ll discuss overcoming destructive patterns and self-defeating behaviors, and re-channeling our energy towards positive and self-nurturing practices.

Through this workshop, you’ll begin to identify yourself as ‘the One’ – loving yourself in the way you’ve longed to be loved, and embracing your very own wholeness as a self-sustaining living and breathing being. Self-love is the most essential precursor to loving someone else.

It is not just about letting go of the bad stuff, but about filling up with the good, nourishing, life-affirming stuff that we have regular access to—community, nature, creative self-expression, opportunities for adventure, deep friendships, spirituality. My goal is to help you shed practices and ways of thinking that don’t serve you and replace them with practices and ways of being that do.

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  • How to refocus your mental energies on your own personal development and bring forth your “best self.”
  • Discover how to create space to be introspective, soul-searching and experimental in order to invite in natural joy, energy, creativity, and love.
  • Explore how to put others aside in order focus on your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.
  • Uncover lessons from the ancient Greeks about love so you dissolve the singular narrative society had fed us – that romantic love is the ultimate love.

Natasha Scripture


Power Boost Leader

Natasha Scripture is an author, poet, activist and former aid worker. As a spokesperson for the United Nations, Natasha covered humanitarian crises around the world, including conflicts and natural disasters from Ethiopia to Pakistan. Before the UN, she worked as a writer, producer and editor for a variety of organizations, including the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera English, TED, National Geographic and Condé Nast Publications.


She has been interviewed by CNN, ABC News, BBC Radio, among others. She’s been published in many publications, including the New York Times, The Telegraph, The Boston Globe, the New York Post and The Atlantic.


Natasha has a Masters of Science in Gender and Development Studies from the London School of Economics, a Bachelor’s degree from New York University. She is certified in Ayurveda Foundations and has studied the Ayurvedic art of health and healing. She is currently becoming a certified health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has begun coaching women around natural fertility enhancements using Ayurvedic principles. Natasha has lived in several different countries and travels frequently. Yet no matter where she is in the world, she seeks to inspire and empower women with her writing and storytelling.

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