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With Cynthia Barnes

THRIVE: Barrier Busting Masterclass

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While women are eminently capable of doing whatever a man can, Cynthia Barnes believes women are more successful and fulfilled when they show up authentically, using techniques and skills that play to their strengths. 

Cynthia’s upcoming Barrier Busting Masterclass is packed with techniques, skills, and practices that help you THRIVE in your role by directly addressing existing barriers and leveraging inherent strengths to build relationships and influence business decision-makers. 

This live, hands-on Barrier-Busting Masterclass lays out a surprisingly quick and simple way to addressing bias and microaggressions, so we can navigate over, around, or through them.

This Masterclass includes LIVE instruction with the founder of the National Association of Women Sales Professionals Founder.

If you’re finally ready to address implicit bias and microaggressions and determined to push through the barriers that affect so many women in sales, this Masterclass is for you.

Don’t miss a single minute of the support, encouragement, and accountability of this unique experience. 

Looking forward to meeting you and helping you bring your best, authentic self to situations where influence and presence matter most!

What do people have to say about NAWSP Masterclasses?

“As a sales leader, consultant, and coach, I attend many webinars and online learning sessions to stay current and better serve my customers. The NAWSP’s Masterclasses are the first series I have attended, where I left the session truly excited as I received actionable insights that I could use for myself and clients to make a difference. The value of the Masterclass content was well worth the investment.” – Trish B.

“I felt myself in wholly capable hands to trust and follow the process. This experience was clearly designed for us to see results quickly!” – Michelle B.

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  • The fastest route to identifying and addressing the barriers that women encounter, especially in traditionally male-dominated industries.
  • The true nature of the biases and stereotypes that women experience.
  • The ONE THING you must have to overcome the systemic, cultural, and historical barriers that have the most significant impact on your career.
  • How to identify the 3 main types of insults and dismissals used to casually degrade women.
  • FIVE key steps to addressing bias and microaggressions, so we can navigate over, around, or through them.

Cynthia Barnes

Founder and CEO of the National Association of Women Sales Professionals

Power Boost Leader

Cynthia Barnes is the founder and CEO of the National Association of Women Sales Professionals, 2021 Salesforce Influencer, 2020 LinkedIn Top Sales Influencer, highly sought-after global keynote speaker, and a pioneering champion for Women in Sales. 

Cynthia is the podcast host of Unstoppable, with Cynthia Barnes, best-selling author of Reach the Top 1%: A Strategic Game Plan for Warrior Women in Sales and is known for motivating others to feel confident, empowered, and brave. Her insights and unique understanding of what it takes for women sales professionals to excel have made her a sought-after expert, having appeared in over 250 major media outlets around the nation – including appearances in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

What is a Power Boost?

A Power Boost is a 45-minute live video webinar led by entrepreneurs, executives and coaches whose experience and thought leadership are helping to create a new paradigm for the modern woman in business. These interactive sessions will open with a 15-20 minute dive into the stated topic, followed by 25-30 minutes of Q&A and spot coaching.

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