Brave, Not Perfect with Reshma Saujani

Today’s guest is Reshma Saujani, a lawyer and activist whose desire to be of public service led her on an unlikely path: from an unsuccessful bid for US Congress to founding Girls Who Code, a thriving non-profit and social movement that equips over 40,000 girls nationwide with the skills to pursue 21st century opportunities they may not have thought were available to them.

We talk about why it’s so important to build resilience in girls, and how they largely put their skills to use for community good. We talk about how to fight sexism in tech companies, and how to promote diversity in the workplace beyond quotas. And Reshma shares her insights for passionate women who seek to gain influence and power for public good.

This episode is about to get real about colossal failure and its potential to take us places we never imagined. It’s all a part of the Emerging Women ethos, so get let’s dive in and go deep.

Welcome to “Brave Not Perfect” with Reshma Saujani.

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