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Episode Summary

In this episode, Chantal and Janna talk about the ways in which energy is a tool to grow our souls, but yet a misunderstood one, as few people dedicate enough time to understand it as a whole. Janna talks about her journey as an Energy Medicine Specialist since the mid 90’s when there was a lot of stigma towards applying non-orthodox methods, such as energy, to cure traditional diseases such as cancer. Janna tells us a little bit about the different energy systems of our body, how these can explain different attitudes and how you can connect with your purest version of yourself.

About Our Guest

Janna Moll is the founder of Energy Medicine Specialists (EMS), an organization offering beginner to advanced coursework in the field of energy medicine. Janna teaches and presents internationally. EMS exists to educate and support the most highly trained and ethical practitioners in the Energy Medicine field. Janna has been involved with energy-based healing modalities since 1994, and has written all levels of the educational curriculum of EMS. She has been a consultant on NCCA accreditation for energy disciplines and has served on Ethics, Curriculum and Certification boards/committees.

Insight from this episode:

What led Janna to get a master in nursing
How Janna started with a masters in nursing to being an energy practitioner
How the Energy healing field has changed since the mid 90’s
How Janna’s receptivity has evolved over time
What modalities does Janna incorporate for energy healing
The importance of understanding the energy systems in the body
What is a Blueprint
The importance of knowing we are our own gods
The influence of the patriarchal world
Insights on the human energy field shrinking
How to be more you

Quotes from the show:

“[About psychotherapy] I actually left it at the time because I felt like it was designed to keep people sick: tell me again how that person abused you, tell me again how you felt when that happened to you, and it seem to dredge it on and on”– Janna Moll, Emerging Women Podcast.

“You don’t know what it is to heal, you’re willing to do the healing but you need someone who has enough background that they can put the key in the lock and say: try this”– Janna Moll, Emerging Women Podcast.

“The deeper you go into personal growth work the more you are faced with the fact that you are the decidor, you are the judge who put that contract in place, you are the keeper of the contracts and if you have a contract that is no longer serving you or that’s getting in your way, you can rewrite it”– Janna Moll, Emerging Women Podcast.

“We live in a social system that rewards the masculine and we know, we have learned as women that the only way we are accepted or effective is if we use the masculine ourselves, but our strength lies in the feminine and we have to be able to bridge those two”– Janna Moll, Emerging Women Podcast.

“An empath is someone who feels their world, they interact with the world through their emotional field…they have learned from a very young age that if they send their energy field out further from the body then they get information about the world that they’re in”– Janna Moll, Emerging Women Podcast.

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