Navigating Burnout and Sparking Creativity with LiYana Silver

In this episode of the Emerging Women Podcast, we navigate a topic that’s close to the heart of many women today: navigating burnout, stuckness, and overwhelm while not losing touch with our creative spark, inspiration, or innate feminine wisdom.

Joined by LiYana Silver, acclaimed author of Feminine Genius, we explore the journey to waking up and harnessing the wisdom of being a woman. LiYana has been a past speaker at Emerging Women Live, where she set the house on fire with her Feminine Genius.

In a world where burnout and overwhelm have become a harsh reality, LiYana offers enlightening perspectives on how to move beyond the status quo. Our discussion not only underlines the necessity for change but provides insights on actualizing that transformation by tapping into our inherent feminine wisdom.

Listen in as we unlock the power of the divine feminine, explore innovative modes of connection, confront fears, and importantly, celebrate ourselves without succumbing to self-doubt and criticism.

About our Guest:

LiYana Silver is a coach, teacher, speaker, and the author of Feminine Genius, who helps women move through life and work’s biggest challenges and become who they’re meant to be.

Her offerings include her mentorship program Meant To Be – which begins on June 7 2023! – and her online course Mining For Gold in a Dark Night of the Soul. She lives in Asheville, NC with her son.

Insight from this episode:

— How to leverage the power of our feminine genius
— The power of the divine feminine
— The essence of connection
— Innovations by women
— Practices to help women overcome fear
— Why we need to celebrate ourselves as women

Quotes from the show:

“Feminine qualities in every human being, regardless of gender, regardless of sex, can deeply connect with another human being who is invested in that relationship.” — LiYana Silver, Emerging Women Podcast

“The hard stuff is reading into nuance and being open enough to allow somebody to come in and contribute their genius so that together you thrive.” — Chantal Pierrat, Emerging Women Podcast

​​“I appreciate that the kind of innovations we are seeing now and we will be seeing more of are often born out of us, as women.” — LiYana Silver, Emerging Women Podcast

“The average man needs to feel 51% qualified to apply for a job, and the average woman needs to feel 95% qualified to apply for that same job.” — LiYana Silver, Emerging Women Podcast

“Women are so capable of great creativity and we rarely give ourselves credit.” — LiYana Silver, Emerging Women Podcast

“I fail, I miss the mark, I don’t hit it out of the park just as much as anybody else, but now the huge shift is that I don’t turn on myself when I do.” — LiYana Silver, Emerging Women Podcast

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