Pause with Rachael O’Meara

Welcome to the Emerging Women podcast, where we hear from brilliant women leaders creating big change in the world. I’m Chantal Pierrat, your host, and my guest is Rachael O’Meara who is starting a movement – the Power of Pause.

Rachael was a constant achiever who took on a stretchy position at Google which led to a lot of negative feedback: physically, emotionally, and from others. Rachael authored the book Pause: Harnessing the Life Changing Power of Giving Yourself a Break after she made the intentional decision to get more in line with her true self instead of beating herself up trying to force a life that was no longer working.

In today’s podcast we discuss burnout as a blessing, failure as feedback, and how to recognize signs that you need a pause. Rachael shares specific ways to pause and how to check in with yourself when presented with conflicting options so you stay true to your deep yearnings. And we learn about TASERing – a practice Rachael developed to help us mentally floss our brains of limiting false beliefs.

I’m glad you’re taking this pause in your day to tune in to our conversation “Pause” with go-getter turned power pauser, Rachael O’Meara.


Chantal Pierrat

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