Rewiring for Wealth, Well-Being and Really, Whatever Else You Want with Barbara Huson

Do you ever worry that your biggest financial downfall is never thinking big enough? Are you worried that fear is actually what’s holding you back from financial freedom? Do you wonder — deep down — that you don’t actually want to get smart about money? 

Join Chantal Pierrat in conversation with Barbara Huson (formerly Stanny), a best-selling author, financial consultant, TV presenter, published writer for national publications, former journalist, and revered expert in the field of money and wealth. 

We’re all plagued by mental roadblocks that deter us from our financial, energetic, and spiritual goals. And for us to truly emerge as powerful, impactful women, we need to get clear and creative with our money.

In order to bust through those roadblocks, we need to address them on cognitive, spiritual, and neurological levels. It’s not enough to know why we aren’t getting smart about money — we need to know it deep in our bones and rewire our brains to catch up with our deepest desires. 

Barbara starts the podcast with her financial backstory (spoiler: while Barbara’s story is unique to her own life, its themes are ones most women are all-too familiar with). She talks about how she knew virtually nothing about money as a young single mother of three, and she opens up about her own fears about money, managing finances, and one of her biggest challenges so far: being instead of doing. 

If you’re ready to take control of your finances, make more money, and uncover your deepest fears about what’s holding you back, tune in to this month’s Emerging Women Podcast, featuring financial consultant, Barbara Huson. 

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