Second Chances with Christy Belz

Episode Summary

Every day is a chance to do it all over again. Every day is a second chance. In this episode of the Emerging Women Podcast, Chantal and Christy talk about failure, what she has learned from it, divine masculine and feminine, launching her book, ‘Oh God of Second Chances, Here I am Again’, how she started her coaching business and the inspiration behind it, and her journey of self-discovery.

About Our Guest

Christy Belz has owned and operated a coaching and consulting practice for the past ten years. Her work aims to empower individuals and organizations to reach their greatest personal and professional aspirations.

She provides tools for insight, coaching for conscious awareness, and consulting to support, grow, and develop leaders, and working with individuals and organizations across business and not-for-profit sectors. This process supports individuals, teams, and organizations to function at their most creative and highly effective abilities.

Her practice has evolved from management and leadership roles in the non-profit, for-profit, and government sectors. She has worked with and for hospitals, universities, manufacturers, and governmental agencies, as well as local businesses, foundations, and non-profit organizations. She has held positions in marketing, sales, management, and entrepreneurship. In the field of direct social work, she did counseling, not-for-profit management, community organizing, and advocacy.

Insights from this episode:

— Launching her book ‘Oh God of Second Chances, Here I am Again.’
—How she started her coaching business
— Her self-discovery journey
— Quitting her job and taking herself through college
— Using courage to tell our stories
— Christy’s relationship with failure
— Lessons from failure
— Re-inventing yourself after failure
— The divine masculine and divine feminine
— Believing in ourselves and amplifying our movements in the future

Quotes from the show:

“This (courage) is something that I think we all need. It is super timely, and it never goes out of style, let’s just put it that way, especially for women” —Chantal Pierrat, Emerging Women Podcast.

“I write about courage because, and this is something I admire about you Chantal, I think it takes great courage for us as women to tell our stories” —Christy Belz, Emerging Women Podcast.

“For me it was really important to share my story and then empower others to share that. I do that in the Ted work that I do, but I love the idea of using courage to share a story from your heart” —Christy Belz, Emerging Women Podcast.

“It seems to me for the long I have known you that you lead with the energy of ‘I am enough, of positive self-reflection’. You are very generous with others, it’s like that’s your superpower. You see potential in others, and I think that’s what makes you a great curator for the TedX women events” —Chantal Pierrat, Emerging Women Podcast.

“Sometimes we really need to fall down, and fall hard, and the way to pick ourselves up is not to get the pump out (…), but sometimes it’s to serve. And serving is like a natural way that allows us to see ourselves as a reflection of others” —Chantal Pierrat, Emerging Women Podcast.

“I was taught and I believe that if we are really in line with our desires and that if your heart is telling you to do something meaningful and you are not listening that, it’s gonna create more havoc in your life” —Christy Belz, Emerging Women Podcast.

“When you get clear about whatever it is that your heart is calling you and you trust, and you lean in towards that a little bit, the doors are gonna open” —Christy Belz, Emerging Women Podcast.

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