The Real Meaning of Self-Compassion with Kristin Neff

This episode’s guest is the inspiring Kristin Neff. Kristin is a professor of human development and culture at the University of Texas, Austin, and she has practiced Buddhist Meditation since 1997.

Dr. Neff and her family were the subject of the recent book and documentary The Horse Boy, which documented her family’s adventure with autism. A self proclaimed “Self-Compassion Evangelist”, Kristin Neff is the world’s leading expert on self-compassion. In addition to authoring numerous academic articles on self-compassion, she has written a new book titled “Self-Compassion,” released by William Morrow in 2011.

In this episode, Kristin Neff and I speak about:

  • The real meaning of Self-Compassion and how it differs from Self-Esteem,
  • The masculine and feminine aspects of mindfulness and self-compassion,
  • The researched results of self-compassion and what the findings mean for leaders, and women leaders in particular,
  • How self-compassion takes us from recognition, to action, and the power creating a practice of self care and love,
  • And finally, Kristin offers sage advice for those women on the precipice of their own emergence.

Kristin Neff was a featured presenter at the 2013 Emerging Women Live Conference.

Tune in to listen to my conversation “The Real Meaning of Self-Compassion” with Kristin Neff.

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