Worth It with Amanda Steinberg

Welcome to the Emerging Women podcast, where we hear from brilliant women leaders creating big change in the world. I’m Chantal Pierrat, your host, and today we’re talking MONEY, honey! Amanda Steinberg, founder of DailyWorth and WorthFM, has some juicy tidbits to share to help us flip the script around our finances so we can create wealth for ourselves (and the world) with clarity and confidence.

Amanda launched Daily Worth in 2009 to bring a fresh voice and outsider’s perspective to personal finance, and we discuss what led her to launch the women-centric investment platform WorthFM towards the end of this podcast. Oprah selected her for the exclusive SuperSoul 100, and Forbes named her one of 21 New American Money Masters.

Her new book, Worth It, tackles the issues around women and money because guess what, people: in the next 15 years women are going to inherit two-thirds of the 40 trillion dollars moving from Baby Boomers to the two generations below. A “perfect storm of opportunity” is coming, and Amanda wants to make sure we’re ready for it.

Whether you’re budget-averse or a fiscal hoarder, Amanda’s big-picture strategy of focusing on your net worth, knowing your Money Type, and identifying your roots and wings will have you breathing a sigh of relief as you roll up your sleeves and dig in to this money stuff.

Let’s hear it from the amazing money guru herself, Amanda Steinberg, with this week’s conversations: Worth It. Just press the play button above!

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