What would it look like to Emerge into something new?

What holds you back? What propels you forward?

So often we answer these questions with internal beliefs and behavioral models. We seek to optimize our lives and outputs by cultivating personal virtues rather than fostering interpersonal connections. Imagine a world in which your most powerful goals can be fully realized through the guidance, wisdom and collaboration of others…
Power Circles invites you to access the collective power of a group of women willing to work with you—and for you. Together we will cultivate a new level of excellence and achievement to unlock the kind of success that is reflective of who you truly are.

In today’s virtual world, working in silo can leave us feeling disconnected and stuck. When we feel isolated and out of alignment, the smallest effort can morph into a big, heavy lift. So often, we second guess and sabotage ourselves or experience exhaustion and overwhelm over taking the first step toward progress.


The right support makes all the difference. If you were to take control today and discover a new way of creating, healing and manifesting, you might find you’re ready NOW to uplevel the way you lead, live and work. It all starts with getting connected: To your purpose AND your people.


Are you ready to take the first leap?

77% of the highest-achieving women have strong ties with an inner circle of other women.

Forbes.com, Why Women Need To Network Differently Than Men To Get Ahead

Want to know if a Power Circle is right for YOU?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, corporate executive, community leader, or creative maverick planning your next ideation…Joining a Power Circle offers the opportunity to refine your performance and accelerate your learning. Unique in scope and power, this program may be right for you IF:

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“Emerge” verb i-'merj, To come into being through transformation.

You Will Become


Make effective changes and feel supported in big leaps.


Banish overwhelm and make decisions from a place of clarity and grace.


Affirm your unique value and leadership identity.


Create meaningful rapport and authentic connections in any environment.


Reconnect with your feminine power and experience the freedom of full expression.


Deepen your intimacy with yourself, others, and Spirit.

There is a great power in aligning with one’s tribe.

Power Circles is so much more than another group experience. Your Power Circle is an expansive, female-driven space to innovate, process challenges—and get real.

Registration for this round is now closed. Join the waitlist by clicking below and we will let you know when the new round starts!

What is a Power Circle?

Power Circles are facilitated groups of 6-7 women dedicated to growing their capacity for leadership, awareness, and authenticity.
The Circles meet virtually and monthly over the course of 6 months, with content and 1-1 sessions in between monthly Circle meetings. Our diverse facilitators are certified coaches, successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. Many of our facilitators have been serving Emerging Women Power Circles in both public and corporate settings for 6+ years and beyond.

Play big with women who have your back.

Ready to Connect?

Through a unique ethos of empathy and connection, the Power Circle will strengthen your feminine superpowers of receptivity, intuition and heart. Sharing our story with others validates our experience as female leaders in the modern world.

Connecting with dynamic women within your circle has the power to expand the boundaries of your vision, exponentially grow your impact, and align you with new insights. Be witnessed by like-minded women committed to your success and fulfillment, and experience confidence, growth and abundance…together.


Registrataion for this round is now closed.

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Real Results

What you can expect from your Power Circle Experience

Over 1000 women globally have participated in our Power Circle program. When asked to list their top results our participants consistently report the following positive impacts:


Ability to express myself authentically


Overcoming limiting beliefs


Clarity around my Vision, Purpose and Impact


Increased Emotional Intelligence


Speaking up more powerfully and often

True intimacy with your female peers and thought leaders will propel you light years into a future that both inspires and resources you—a future where you are a powerful creator and your ripple effects are multiplied by the energy of women who are in the arena with you.

How It Works

This 6-month Facilitated Peer-Mentoring Program will Help you Clarify and Actualize Your Vision for Work and Life.


An immersive experience connecting with like-minded women is capable of producing results beyond your understanding. Imagine a future in which you are a powerful creator and your ripple effects are catalyzed and multiplied by the energy of the women around you.

We Connect You

We personally match you with a diverse circle of peers to uniquely support your goals. Each Power Circle has 6-7 members for intimate sessions.

Virtual Meetings

You will meet twice per month—exact days and times to be announced when we are ready for the next round!

Interstitial Connection

1-1 rotating Circle member check-ins between monthly Circle meetings.

Meaningful Content

Monthly themes, videos and guides will be delivered at least 1 week before each meeting.

All-Cohort Immersions

Larger group discussions & coaching sessions to be held once per month for 1 hour with all the power circles that launch with this cohort, hosted by Chantal Pierrat.

Expert Facilitation

Each Power Circle is facilitated by an Emerging Women trained facilitator and certified coach. Our facilitators have a variety of leadership, executive and business experience that they weave through each Circle.

Join a Power Circle and start connecting.

Registration for this round is now closed. Join the waitlist by clicking below and we will let you know when the new round starts!

One of the biggest things I have gotten out of this program is learning how to use your voice. To not be afraid to put your opinion out their and to make your thoughts heard. This can be a scary task to someone new in their career, but these power circles give you a safe place to practice speaking your thoughts and then taking those thoughts and morphing them into actions.

Julia T., Corporate Programs Participant, Halliburton

The intimacy was pretty incredible, especially just in our first circle. I think it was the topic and the questions that really prompted that out of us. I felt immediately and feel seen and supported.

Shyla D., Power Circle Participant, HP

I’ve done three rounds of Power Circles. The first two were with the same group, the third with a new group of women. Each of these rounds allowed for more reflection about a deliberately chosen life. Plus, for the past six years or so, women from these two groups have created community together, continuing to deep-dive together with book studies, personal check-ins, and general support. Every single member has experienced asynchronous life-altering personal growth, in both their private and business lives. Thank you, Emerging Women, for helping us dig deeper and identify our strengths and room for growth. Our Power Circles have been profound catalysts. I am grateful for each of the three experiences.

Catherine Burgess, Founding Agent, Burgess Group

Power Circle Facilitators

Power Circle Facilitators: Wisdom Keepers and Magic Makers

Power Circle Facilitators: Wisdom Keepers and Magic Makers

A majority of our Power Circle Facilitators have been coaching and facilitating for Emerging Women for over 6 years. These individuals possess a deep understanding of our Emerging process. They are experts in holding space for deep conversations that have the power to transform our personal and professional lives. We are honored to partner with such an inspiring bunch of humans!

Your Host

Welcome Emerging Women! I am so excited to share our Power Circle program with YOU. 7 years and thousands of participants later, I can personally affirm that THIS PROGRAM WORKS! 25 years ago I joined my first women’s circle, early career, pre-kids and pre-spouse. Though there have been shifts in my circle members, the support and witnessing I have received through so many stages of my life has been constant. I hope you will join us!

Some 15 years ago, my circle reformed into a group of powerhouse women insistent on living creative lives fully attuned to a True Purpose. Things that I previously believed were impossible in regard to my life’s work suddenly felt within reach. My relationship to risk shifted. I started taking bigger and bigger leaps. I developed a superpower level of intuitive abilities. My desires became more clear in all areas of my life. I saw my life as a beautiful story filled with metaphor and meaning. I started making more money—a LOT more money—and I now see and feel my personal value in a way I never did before.


This is but a small list of what I have received from my Power Circle over the years. Even if you meet for just 6 months, this experience will set a new standard for connection and intimacy in your life. You may find it will catalyze flow and momentum. More importantly, you will see yourself as the shining starlight that you are—capable of powerful expression in a world of infinite possibility.


With Gratitude,

Registration for this round is now closed.

Join the waitlist and we will let you know when the new round starts!

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