Radiant Leader Mastery Program

The Radiant Leader: Mastery Program

We care – deeply.

And so by nature we are prone to the stresses and anxiety that come with feeling the suffering of people, the planet, and all of life. What do we do with this stress? We try harder. We usurp our multi-passionate nature to throw ourselves headlong into solving the world’s problems with anywhere from micro actions of giving within our own families to over-committing in our leadership. We pull out our masculine tool-kit of get ‘er done and start firing up the power tools. We go it alone with a heads-down drive for perfection, intense focus on mastering task management, and making things happen through will-power and force. We are good at this. We have mastered the masculine well. We women have grit. We are resilient. But this approach leaves us feeling depleted, disconnected, overwhelmed, and at the mercy of the challenges before us. We end up powerless to make the real change we want to see for ourselves, our lives and the world.

We are ready for a new way.

Can you imagine a life where we can have even more impact in the world, step into greater positions of leadership and influence, and also be more present with those we love? What if we could continue to move mountains with a feeling of connectedness and presence that provides the fuel for what feels like boundless energy? Do you have a vision for living without hiding the truth of who you are? Are you ready for a life where you feel fully expressed and alive with passion and purpose? Do you think it’s possible to do less and BE more? We do. This is why we created The Radiant Leader Mastery Program A RADIANT LEADER….
  • Feels a deep sense of self which radiates as courage
  • Has confidence born from radical self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • Is capable of deep presence and reflection
  • Feels her own royalty and shines her regalness into the world
  • Attracts what she desires through strong energetic presence
  • Uses the power of her radiance to serve others
  • Is sensory sensitive and able to skillfully navigate the subtle realms of energy, emotion and intuition
  • Makes time to reflect, reset and recharge inwardly
  • Influences those around her by being true, mindful and receptive
  • Is a beacon for others to follow and transform
  • Is clear on her purpose and dedicates her life and work to it
  • Leads through connection to a deep inner wisdom
  • Creates a culture of inclusion and authenticity wherever she goes
  • Owns her stories and feels fully expressed
  • Surrounds herself with powerful cohorts equally dedicated to leading a life of meaning and transformation
  • Is Powerful Beyond Measure
Chantal Pierrat has been working as an executive leader in sales and marketing for over 20 years - from medical device manufacturing to publishing to founding Emerging Women. In 4 years she built an online network and leadership platform that serves 65,000+ women globally who want to lead with more heart. It is Chantal’s belief that increasing women’s leadership across the world will be the key to solving the toughest of our challenges, and it is her life’s work to make that happen.
Chantal Pierrat
Chantal Pierrat
Founder & CEO of Emerging Women

The world needs your voice, your story, your perspective, your leadership. This new feminine paradigm for success depends on it. Follow the fire building inside you. This is the energy of emergence, and it is trustworthy.

"Chantal is a beacon for our exalted selves. She sees things in us that we don’t see, and she identifies the concrete possibility for that which is special in us to become manifest in the world."
Kristen Wheeler
CEO of Native Genius


  • 9 months, 2 in-person events in Boulder, CO, monthly calls are virtual
  • Structured as a large cohort for community, as well as, connected to a circle of 6 women for deep peer support and mentoring
  • Meet 2 x monthly with your circle, for 1.5hrs facilitated by Chantal Pierrat
  • 4 Large group cohort calls; 1hr facilitated by Chantal Pierrat
  • 4 Guest speaker webinars w/ Q+A


  • Clarity of Message
  • Storytelling and owning our past
  • Power of Voice
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Cultivating Resilience
  • Mindsets and Resets for
  • Success (on our own terms)
  • Life Visioning
  • Unique Leadership Identity
  • Mastering Difficult Conversations


The full program schedule is still in development and will be released soon. Program details and total costs will be emailed when registration officially opens.

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