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Episode Summary

In this episode, Chantal and Hiro go over how to function skillfully and effectively along the entire continuum of frequency that surrounds us as bioenergetic beings and especially nowadays with the presence of technological frequencies. Hiro encourages people to live in a more conscious and slow way by recognizing that by being embedded in an ecosystem of energy, we are in a deep relationship with everything, whether it is living or not. Finally, she tells us that taking into account this conscious mode of living, we need to enter in resonance with our business values and purpose in order to serve the community the right way.

About Our Guest

Hiro Boga was born in Bombay but she lives on an island in British Columbia, Canada. Business artist, mentor and soul alchemist; and a collaborative creative partner, who serves your genius and business, so both can flourish. Hiro offers multidimensional skills and wisdom gleaned from decades of experience with thousands of clients — many of whom work with her for years because they find such deep value in her self-study programs and private mentoring partnership.

Insight from this episode:

—How we are exposed to a whole ecosystem of frequencies as bioenergetic beings
—How the technological frequencies affect our energetic system and bodies
—Ways to expand your consciousness by being on a receptive mode
—How to relate correctly, as an entrepreneur, to your creativity
—How to resonate with your business in order to understand its real value and purpose
—How as human beings we are in relationship with everything around us

Quotes from the show:

“It’s funny how the pace of technology has overwritten the pace of our bodies”– Hiro Boga, Emerging Women Podcast.

“[About the receptive mode] The act of choosing is the act of exercising your power, it’s saying yes this, no that”– Hiro Boga, Emerging Women Podcast.

“Creativity is part of our souls DNA, so creativity is not off there somewhere, is not something you pursue and is constantly running away from you”– Hiro Boga, Emerging Women Podcast.

“[About recognizing that your business is an independent being] You don’t need to identify…how it resonates with your values and desires but with the values and desires of your business itself”– Hiro Boga, Emerging Women Podcast.

“Ultimately, you have to trust that if you do what is in front of you then the next step will reveal itself and the next step after that”– Hiro Boga, Emerging Women Podcast.

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