Thriving in the Face of Adversity with Brenda Ungerland

Episode Summary

In this episode, Chantal and Brenda talk about how to convert our experiences into an opportunity to evolve as a human being, and not letting trauma define who we are. Brenda encourages people to have a creative response to trauma by relating skillfully not only with your body, but also with your fear to grow from spaces, people and situations that do not fit you anymore. She talks about body awareness, how to relate skillfully with fear, and how to acknowledge your feelings in order to progressively unburden yourself from past trauma and be able to focus on your present, and reclaim who you have the potential to be.

About Our Guest

Health psychologist, author, seminar leader, teacher of yoga and meditation. Research in Transformative Experience involving Learning, Healing and Growth. Graduate studies at Columbia University and Yale University; post-graduate studies at Harvard University Medical School. The study of meditation and yoga in South Asia and India, have further informed her work as a health professional for over 30 years. Her research and experience in private practice provided the foundation for her new book, Post-Traumatic Growth: Thriving in the Face of Adversity, a compelling evidence-based study of emotional healing and transformational growth, and a practical blueprint for moving from crisis to flourishing in 7 stages.

Insight from this episode:

—How Brenda defines trauma
—Why Covid-19 represents a source of trauma for many people
—How does body awareness help dealing with trauma
—How to relate with fear in a more skilfully way
—How difficult situations help you evolve
—How to acknowledge your feelings and let go of them
—Why does psychoanalysis focus more on analysis and not vision
—How does unburdening help you shift the focus of your trauma

Quotes from the show:

“[About using trauma in your favor] Just sheer suffering without a vision and without a blueprint from where you could go with it, it does not serve you, it just wears you down”– Brenda Ungerland, Emerging Women Podcast.

“If we are seekers it involves being open to wisdom that comes from every imaginable direction, there’s a great democracy to wisdom, it can come from the most random places, it can come from anywhere”– Brenda Ungerland, Emerging Women Podcast.

“Healing and recovery is only one phase, it’s not the whole story, it’s a necessary step but nothing more than that”– Brenda Ungerland, Emerging Women Podcast.

“You’re happy not because you took a course on let’s get happy, you’re happier because you are unburdened”– Brenda Ungerland, Emerging Women Podcast.

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