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Episode Summary

In this episode, Chantal and Shanna talk about what it means to be a manifestation coach and an intuitive healer nowadays, as we live in a world where people are looking for a more meaningful life that helps them fulfill their deepest desires. Shanna helps people to align and vibrate with higher frequencies that help them attract their goals not only in their private life, but in the corporate too. In this episode, she describes how she connected with her gift since she was a kid and how everyone, by being more sensitive to their environment, can do the same. She also talks about how she deals with past trauma of her clients, and how she perceives through her son the whole new skill sets that younger generations have to offer to the corporate world.

About Our Guest

Shanna is the Founder of The Soul Frequency. She is an intuitive healer, celebrity manifestation coach, and expert in leading purpose-driven individuals in the rediscovery and development of their core soul mission. Shanna is leading the conversation about the possibilities and the practices for raising one’s frequency and creating a life founded on truth and alignment. She authored the #1 Best Selling Book: The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life, is the host of The Show Frequency Show Podcast, and is a speaker and consultant to executives of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, influencers, and fashion industry experts. Shanna believes that if you want more for your life, there is more out there for you. She has made it her life’s work to help thousands of people discover what more looks like for them.

Insight from this episode:

— What The Soul Frequency is
— How Shanna managed her gift when she was a kid
— How people find “The Soul Frequency”
— How Shanna aligns people with a higher frequency so that they can achieve their deepest purpose and desires
— How Shanna deals with past traumas
— How to be more sensitive to the quantum world and its frequencies to access our gift
— How Shanna’s sensitivity helps her perceive energy
— What are the different experiences of Shanna’s clients
— What are the skill sets of the future
— The abilities that the new generations have to offer to the society
— How the future is going to look for the younger generations

Quotes from the show:

“What people want is to know why and how they belong and what their gift is and how they can live a life of meaning”– Chantal Pierrat, Emerging Women Podcast.

“I have this very tridimensional business experience under my belt and then I have this incredible ability to see what someone came for in this lifetime and how to amplify that and how to align their whole life to kind of why they’re here ”– Shanna Lee, Emerging Women Podcast.

“We all have our own gifts and they show up in a unique way just like you’re a unique person, if we don’t have access to them it’s just because there’s lots of layers that keep us from seeing, so as you embark on work like this [aligning with higher frequency] you’re gonna be peeling back those layers”– Shanna Lee, Emerging Women Podcast.

“[About her 9 year old son] His generation understands that everybody comes with a specialty, so he does what he does well, he doesn’t feel he needs to learn everything else because he believes like: I’ve come for a purpose and the other people that round out this idea or corporation came for their purpose”– Shanna Lee, Emerging Women Podcast.

“Acknowledging who each person is as a soul and not necessarily who we want them to be, but who they came to be is so valuable”– Shanna Lee, Emerging Women Podcast.

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