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The Power of Peer Groups & Sponsorship

Some successful women reach a place in their career where they don’t have a sounding board on their soul’s desire. Learn simple, yet profound power circle prompts that help powerhouse women get purpose … together. Plus, sponsorship allows internal networking and the ability for top talent to bolster rising talent. In a culture of Great Resignation, learn how to keep top and rising talent from taking off and going to your competition.

One Question Mentors Miss

After coaching thousands of corporate men and women on how to be great mentors and mentees, Chantal Pierrat, MBA, shares the one question most miss.

Mistakes HR Directors Make on Diversity Spends

Many adult learning programs are didactic, leaving already marginalized women without a voice. Successful programs connect senior managers with promising talent. This linking between a participant in training to a sponsor whose main role is to actively “network up” on behalf of individual women sets the stage for emerging leaders to persist, speak up, and go after promotions. From didactic to disconnected, learn the top mistakes HR and DEI professionals make creating corporate programs.

How Community Creates Revenue

How to create corporate communities to empower individuals to power up, problem-solve, and propel each other forward. Happy people, happy profits.

How to Unleash Your Authentic Expression

Many leaders let fear get in the way of big leaps forward. Interview Chantal Pierrat on the top ways leaders harness their energy, turn clarity into vision, and reclaim their unique voice in the world. Pierrat has coached thousands of corporate leaders with passion, grit, and vision. Learn their secrets.

Soft Skills Turning ROI

Compassion and communication are typically coined as soft skills. Corporations are turning to Chantal Pierrat to up-level these so-called soft skills into big returns on investment. Learn how she’s connecting sponsors (aka senior managers) with employees on a leadership track to impact corporations’ bottom lines. With research, case studies, and testimonials, Pierrat is out to transform business through something she created called Power Circles.

Great Resignation: Leaving Employees Behind

Every day, post-pandemic headlines say things like, “Talent shortages; companies cannot find qualified and motivated workers.” Pierrat teaches there are two reasons some struggle to step into a greater position of power and leadership: limited self-concept and culture of sameness. Pierrat says she created Emerging Women™ and Emerging Human™ to support leaders looking to influence cultural and systemic change through authentic leadership and connection.

Sweat Your Way to Success

Chantal Pierrat believes that dance is one of the most powerful ways to connect to your present experience and discover the truth of who you are. She created SoulSweat™, a dynamic dance program that combines structured choreography with wild abandonment. She taught for 12 years and released SoulSweat on DVD in 2007. Learn how you too can sweat your way to success, your soul singing the whole way!

Ecosystems of Support

Wouldn’t it be great to pair your company’s top talent with rising stars? Learn how to build an ecosystem of support to empower under-represented employees. Networking takes a whole other turn in the Great Resignation. Peer mentoring and built-in C-suite sponsorship of rising stars expand opportunities for all.

Leadership Through Connection

How can you build an ecosystem of sponsorship and peer mentoring to lead through connection? Learn internal networking habits to build an ecosystem of support hailed by Halliburton, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, and more when Pierrat customized their promotion programs.

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