Awakened Woman at Emerging Women Live

BREAKING NEWS: Guess who’s coming to close out Emerging Women Live 2017 with an inspirational bang…. Chantal’s (and Oprah’s) favorite speaker of all time – Dr. Tererai Trent!

She’s just published this bookThe Awakened Woman, to help women awaken their sacred dreams through nine essential lessons based on ancient African wisdom, and she wants to share with us in person on Sunday at Emerging Women Live. We cannot wait!

“I come from a long line of women who were forced into a life they never defined for themselves,” recalls Tererai Trent. Growing up in rural Zimbabwe, Tererai loved the physical environment but could not ignore the fact that she was part of a culture where women and girls lived under largely unspoken (and often unspeakable) male dominance. To break this cycle of silence was something that no one could imagine–but Tererai did.

As a girl, Tererai often apprenticed her grandmother, who was the local midwife. In her book, she uses that experience to be “a midwife to women’s awakening,” sharing candid and often harrowing personal stories. As a wife and mother by age 13, with four children by age 18, Tererai was deeply unhappy with her life–until Jo Luck, an American woman visiting Tererai’s village, assured her that anything was possible.

Now one of the world’s most recognizable voices in women’s empowerment and education, Tererai Trent urges us all to “stop the intergenerational trauma of feminine silencing. You do not have to march in the street… but you do have to do the work it takes to awaken: to be courageous enough to name the Great Hunger within you and to claim your right to give voice to your sacred dream.”

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Top Six Keynote Quotes from Emerging Women Live 2015

Wisdom to inspire, calm, motivate and guide you.

Hundreds of women gathered in San Francisco over the weekend for 4 days of inspiration, authentic connection, feminine leadership training and more. Our lineup of keynote speakers was as influential as ever, including Dr. Jane Goodall, Brené Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, TEDTalk sensation Esther Perel, Kim Jordan of New Belgium Brewing and Dr. Tererai Trent.

We selected some of the most powerful insights from Emerging Women Live 2015 keynotes to share with you here. Feel free to comment, share, tweet and post your faves, too.

Be sure to catch these brilliant women on the live stream archive, which will be available for replay until Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015.

1. Dr. Jane Goodall (Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace)

“The tribe is like an eagle and the eagle will only fly true and high when the wings are equal,” American Indian Proverb via Dr. Jane Goodall, speaking on gender equality.”twitter

Dr Goodall


2. Brené Brown (Research Professor, University of Houston and Author of Rising Strong)

“There is nothing more threatening to the critics than a woman who is willing to fall because she knows how to rise.”twitter



3. Elizabeth Gilbert (Bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love and newly-released book, Big Magic)

“I don’t believe in fearlessness…there’s always an instance where fear saved us. Show some appreciation and respect for that. And then figure out how to work around it.” twitter




4. Kim Jordan (Co-Founder and CEO of New Belgium Brewing)

“Leaders need to make choices that are consistent with what matters.”twitter





5. Esther Perel (Psychotherapist and Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies) 

“Desire needs a space to thrive. It needs separateness. Psychological distance. It needs mystery and an unknown.” twitter

esther perel


6. Dr. Tererai Trent (Founder/President Tererai Trent International)

“I define myself. I create my own destiny.”twitter