Radiance Is Power

Radiance Is Power

Lately, it seems that everyone I know is tired. On the verge of burnout or fully burnt.

So much so that I want to dig deep into why this is — and also share a powerful antidote.

Right now, it seems as though everyone is reevaluating the ways in which they want to work — and it’s not just larger companies, either.

I know so many women — friends, colleagues, clients — who are tired of basing their leadership styles on their tactical to-do lists. So many women who are tired of being tired.

Add to that that the “old paradigm” for leadership, work, and business is trying so hard to reassert its old pre-pandemic model and power. Companies are trying to bring down the hammer and force employees back into the workplace (if only for a few days a week) and back to a frenzied pace of hustle and grind.

But the hammer isn’t working anymore.

Employees are burned out. Those who are self-employed are burned out. They don’t want to return to the “old ways.” They don’t want to hustle themselves to the bone.

And moreover, they don’t want to be stuck in a constant power struggle with their employers or an outdated work/leadership ethic that leads to exhaustion and burnout.

They are literally saying, “Screw this, I don’t want to do this anymore.”

A newer, more decentralized paradigm is begging for space in our lives and workplaces. And this newer paradigm brings with it more meaning, personal growth, and relevance for our lives.

These two paradigms are struggling for control, in our businesses and in our lives.

This is the perfect time to reinvent what we mean by leadership and how leadership is awakening in each one of us.

Which is exactly why I created The Radiant Leader Mastery Program for Leadership and Life, which just opened for applications.

Radiant Leader is a 9-month program designed to support women who are well-established in their careers as executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs – and women in between successes – who are looking to do life, leadership, and work in a totally different way.

I’m excited for you to learn more about Radiant Leader!

Whether we work in an organization or for ourselves, stepping forward as a steward for a new paradigm for power and leadership is paramount — especially for women.

We have a lot of influence — more than we realize — in terms of the success and profitability of a company. We’re in a position to call the shots, more than we realize.

We need to stop the cycle of being stuck in get-it-done mode and step into a creative expression of what it means to lead, when it comes to:

  • Our own lives
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Executive spaces


As entrepreneurs, we need to step up and lead our audiences.

As executives, we need to step up and lead our teams.

And within our own lives, we need to look at how we can create new models for success, collectively.

But what that will require first is that we take a close look at what exactly it is that we are chasing.

Are we really chasing something we want?
Or is it something we’ve been told to want?

We have to ask ourselves what is it that we truly want?

And then, we have to take responsibility for ourselves and what it is that we want, and be intentional about taking those steps to make it happen.

Enter: Radiant Leadership.

What is Radiant Leadership?

Radiant Leadership is a style where we not only lead by example, we also lead from individual wholeness.

Leading from individual wholeness is magnetic and charismatic; it has a more powerful impact than “old” models of leadership, as well.

Radiant Leadership naturally pushes its impact outward.

When you’re tending to all the pieces of you, you naturally shine at your brightest. And then, the people around you naturally lean toward you, like plants stretch toward the sun.

Radiant Leaders are:

  • Warm
  • Compassionate
  • Glowing
  • Connected
  • Good listeners


As a Radiant Leader, you realize that stepping out and being seen is a part of your power. Not in order to be the center of attention, but to be available for — and an invitation for — real human connection.

Radiant Leaders make you feel like you’re the only one in the room. It’s not about them, it’s about you, the audience.

Radiant Leaders make you feel as though the sun is always shining on you.

3 Principles of Radiant Leadership

Radiant Leadership embodies three principles:

  1. Magnetism
  2. Compassion/empathy
  3. Energy preservation


Radiant Leaders are magnetic. To be honest, magnetic isn’t even the word for what happens. Everyone is simply drawn to Radiant Leaders because they exude their own essence and are examples of what living in their truth truly means. Like the sun, we are drawn to their warmth, energy, and light.

Radiant Leaders have compassion and empathy. Radiant Leaders are naturally curious and concerned about humanity and the world. Because they are oriented toward the growth of others, Radiant Leaders see their own success as interconnected to the thriving of the people around them. They don’t try to force their models of success on anyone. Because Radiant Leaders focus on helping others to rise, they create ripple effects of impact that continue far beyond what they can imagine.

Radiant Leaders know how to preserve their energy. In order to shine as brightly as possible, Radiant Leaders know when to say no to opportunities or commitments in order to stay focused on the long game of thriving. When you focus too much on output and forget to fuel up, you can get disconnected from your true energy source. The antidote to this is learning how to exude power and energy from within, from a place of wholeness — which reconnects you to your source, so you can create from there.

What Radiant Leadership Is and Isn’t

You don’t have to be a traditional “leader.”

You don’t have to be a manager, CEO, or business owner. (Although you may be one or all of those things.) You also don’t need to be an extrovert. You don’t need to have big dreams of being the next “thought leader” or be on the stage, in the spotlight. You don’t need to do a TED Talk.

Some of the most Radiant Leaders I’ve met are soft-spoken. Or introverts.

Radiant Leadership is more about showing up to your life intentionally and wholly, and not ignoring the parts of you that don’t fit corporate structures or male-dominated industries.

It’s really about owning all parts of you.

It’s like the energy-creating process of fusion. When two like particles come together, they fuse their pieces while radiating out energy and power. When all of the pieces of ourselves come together, we have immense energy and desire that will naturally radiate out into the world.

What do you do with that power?

At Emerging Women, it’s our mission to help the feminine Emerge. That means being seen and heard. It’s not just about feeling good about yourself.

To what end are we doing our healing? So we can influence change in the world.

Heal yourself so you can get up there and lead change, so you can help move the needle.

Radiant Leaders transform themselves so they can make change in the world. Like the sun creates its own energy and then radiates it outward to create life.


I believe that women (especially those in positions of power like managers, leaders, coaches, executives, parents) need to change the face of leadership NOW.

For themselves. For their well-being. And for our world.

If you feel this as well, please come look around The Radiant Leader Mastery Program for Leadership and Life.

(You can also save $700 and get in on 2 bonus calls with me, Chantal, when you register before the end of 2023.)

Over 1,000 women have already experienced (and are raving about) this program and our measured results speak for themselves:

  • 90% Clarity around vision, purpose, and impact
  • 98% Overcoming fears and limiting beliefs
  • 97% Increased confidence as a leader


Don’t go it alone. Step forward to help reimagine — and actualize — a different way to live and work.

Consider this a call from the universe: the world needs more of what you are bringing – Let’s work together to bring it in a way that feels nourishing, sustainable, and GOOOOOOOOD!


Are you ready to make a big change in your life and need an amazing support network?

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